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  1. Its interesting that some other brokers haven't increase their margin rates. Trading 212 have confirmed this morning that their GBP/USD rates are still: 0.33% float/0.5% fixed for pro clients and 3.33% for Retail clients.
  2. Yes I get that... but its good to clarify. Also, the increase is not across the board, i.e. non-pro traders are not affected and I understand that they incur higher margin rates anyway.
  3. I've just seen an update from James and it looks like the margin rate increase is due to volatility. However, he doesn't state whether it is temporary or a permanent increase.
  4. I found this morning that IG have increased the margin requirement for trading GBP/USD from 0.9% to 1.8% overnight without any notice. Has this happened to anyone else and is there an explanation, apart from the the obvious volatility increase?
  5. I’ve followed the advice given by the IG support team, resetting my push notifications on the desktop platform, but my alerts still aren’t working as they did.
  6. I’m also having the same issue. My alerts stopped notifying me unless I actually go into the alerts tab. However, my alerts seemed to stop after the GDPR update, so I’m thinking that there must be a way to reset notification status for alerts?
  7. Hi, Does anyone know if the TOMNext rate is affected by the end of BST this weekend? I’m guessing that if IG uses UK based servers then the daily rollover time is still 10pm, but I know this has been an issue in other brokers platforms for traders. Does anyone know the answer? Many thanks, Chris
  8. Awesome, thanks for the clarity. I confirmed this last night with a EUR/JPY trade, which I opened at 10:01pm and haven't paid any charges. Although, the spread at that time of night widens which can be challenging. Thanks.
  9. This is the reply from IG explaining the fees. It explains the fees clearly, but I think the level of fees is very high. The reason for the four day interest is due to how FX trades settle. The majority of FX pairs will settle on a T+2 basis, meaning that trades held through the cut-off time of 10pm UK time on a Wednesday will settle on Friday, and therefore be take into account the weekend as well. For this reason you'll usually be charged three days interest on a Wednesday night and one day for the other weekdays. The reason for the fourth day in this instance is because it's a public holiday on Monday in Japan. Therefore adding the extra day. "As mentioned, if you hold a trade through 10pm UK time you will qualify for the interest charge. The fee specifically for FX is known as the TOMNEXT rate which IG take from the underlying market and apply a 0.8% admin fee to."
  10. Hi, I've also been charged fees for trades opened at 9:59pm, which have only been open for a couple of hours at a time; 1. 1 day interest charge 2. 1 day interest charge 3. 4 day interest charge All these where charged between Monday and Wednesday this week. I've asked IG to look into it and explain why I've been charged like this as it seems to be in breach of their T&C's. Good luck!