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  1. What is everyone's favourite stock screener for investing in US stocks? We have highlighted 4 of the best free stock screeners for Investing in US Stocks and indeed global stocks. The best will probably come down to personal preference. 📖 Full blog post: https://moneysandi.com/best-free-stock-screeners-for-investing-in-us-stocks/
  2. We did a quick valuation using metrics such as P/E, PEG, P/S and PFCF ratios all showed that it is, but is this fair? ARK invest say it’ll hit $3,000 per share by 2025 Is an $800 Billion Tesla stock valuation too high? (A quick valuation) 📖 Full blog post: https://moneysandi.com/800-billion-tesla-stock-valuation-too-high/ #investing #Tesla #TSLA #Teslastock #Elonmusk
  3. Bit late for 2019, but to answer the above questions I wrote an article: Santa Rally – Christmas Growth in the Stock Market
  4. hi all, i am testing some really tight stops. I juts wondered what is the actual trigger for a stop to happen. Is it the mid price (actual price)? or is it the sell price if I have bought a stock & buy price if I have sold? many thanks
  5. Recently only I have been receiving LR Prem. fees (column when you download trade history). What are these please? many thanks .
  6. Thanks Elle. Much appreciated, yes i do alerts for individual stocks , it'll just take a long time to set a few thousand. But yes thanks for the advice i have found a few stock screeners which actually include technicals too... https://finviz.com/screener.ashx?v=141&f=ta_sma200_pa&o=country https://www.zacks.com/screening/stock-screener https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/screener/ https://uk.tradingview.com/screener/ https://uk.investing.com/stock-screener/ https://uk.advfn.com/cmn/tl/movers.php3
  7. Hi all I have 2 major questions really. I want to invest probably long term in potentially superperfomance stocks. having read several books investing in the trend follwoing breakouts from consolidation can be a great strategy. 1. Does anyone have any tips for finding and trading/investing in these shares without paying for breakout alerts form other sites? 2. Is it possible to set alerts for many stocks at once on IG around this? Could be when the 150 day EMA crosses over the 200 day EMA for example.
  8. hi all, Is it possible to get the Open Interest (number of contracts outstanding) Indicator on the charts, do you have another name for it? Thanks.
  9. Thanks James, I am trying to trade all commodities including rapeseed. For the moment only at minimum stakes. I'll juts take each market as it comes.
  10. Hi all, I get messages now and then particularly on commodities, 'Closing only: Market unavailable to open'. How do I know when they will reopen? Thanks, Justin
  11. Thanks for this I haven't tried it that way, but I will test that next, cheers
  12. Hello fellow traders. I find Bollinger bands to be one of the most useful technical tools. Just wanted to find out how other people use them to maximum effect. I tend to set alerts within Commodities, Indices & Forex (shares haven’t worked so well) when price trades below the Bollinger and then place an order for when it ticks up again. I keep an eye on MACD & volume, but sometimes ignore these. I set limits at just below the middle line, depending on historic bounce backs and stops at support. Simplistic yes! But so far so good. Does anyone have any other techniques or great markets to trade upon?
  13. The IG stuff is really helpful and I think you can trade 24 hours on markets on IG. I also use these for market times and currently open http://www.worldtimezone.com/markets24.php https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_stock_exchange_opening_times
  14. haha Captain that's amazing, I'm not sure I'll try that one myself though Yes I did exactly that, well since 2000 and adjusted dates and works out at 90% success rate.
  15. Hi Fellow Traders, I’m sure we’ve all heard of them, the Monday Effect, the Santa rally to name just a couple. The trading perceptions that supposedly happen repeatedly every year, week or with an event such as Christmas or Holiday seasons. I personally have found the Santa Rally to have some basis to it. Even just simply buying the FTSE100 on the 1st of December and selling before the New Year should overall show a positive expectation. I believe the Monday Effect to also be marginally true, but the difference is so slim that it can’t be traded without any other indicators. My question to you all is what trades like this do you have that happen over and over again? It could be something that you know to be true and rely upon, or It could be theories that you believe to be utter rubbish. The more ridiculous the better! As long as it’s tradeable on IG I’d love to hear them?
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