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  1. Thank you I know it is often difficult to predict how these issues progress, but is there any estimate on how long this may take to be cleared? Mac
  2. Same problem for me too - the platform will not update making it very difficult to monitor open positions! I am with Sky broadband but I have no issues with my other broker (FXCM) the problem is only with the IG feed. Can someone from IG please respond to this and let us know what is being done (if anything) to resolve this issue? Or is IG taking the stance that this is a Sky broadband problem and therefore it is Sky that should resolve it? Mac
  3. I understand the logic but this happened at 10pm on Wednesday - I wouldn't have expected the weekend interest to be charged at this time? I did a quick check of other FX spreads and although all had widened, AUD/NZD was by far the worst at 20. The next closest was a 10 point spread (Can't remember which pair, though) Mac
  4. Whilst idly watching my screen yesterday evening I noticed that my position on AUDNZD was moving slowly against me and was getting close to my stop. Nothing unusual in that, I think to myself, my stop is there for reason and if it gets hit I learn a small lesson and move on to the next idea. But then quite unexpectedly the stop is breached and the position is closed. What the...??? I can see quite clearly that the price has not suddenly jumped through my stop yet it has been triggered nonetheless! Then I look at the spread - to my surprise it is now a whopping 20 points! I next look at the c
  5. Hi  I'm no expert but the dow is trading right now around 18600 from a low of 17480 this morning, which even on today's crazy numbers is a range of about 5 X ATR - I have no idea of the reason (apart from the possibility that the algorithm trading bots have gone berserk) Whatever - I cannot see how it can fail to have a pullback from here - I for one am already short. Mac
  6. Hey  Now that's what I call a PINBAR!!! Not sure I want to buy it though... :smileyvery-happy: Mac
  7. No worries  it was only a small position. And you're right! It was in fact a punt :smileyvery-happy: I don't normally place this kind of trade, but now and again I like a flutter for a bit of excitement. And sometimes I have a good win (for instance, I was short GBPUSD on Brexit night!) In the meantime, I continue trying to improve my proper trading strategies. (And happily am slowly learning how to win) by using correct risk management and wiser entry/exit points rather than depending on slices of luck! :smileyhappy: Mac
  8. Bah! I got hit for a 200 point loss on the DOW last night :smileysad: I was convinced that Ms Hillary would be the best of a bad choice. If America would only get rid of that silly 2 term rule I reckon Mr O'b would have beaten Trump (On second thoughts... that might have meant 3 terms of George Dubya!!) Politics aside, I smell plenty of trading opportunities around this comedy show Longs: Bricks, Tasers, Ridiculous wigs Shorts: Polling organisations, Visas, Taco Bell
  9. The bones have been cast and the chicken entrails peered at (kept the dog away from them this month!) My prophesy for this month is 128K I reckon employers will be on the nervous side ahead of the US election comedy show. Will we see Mr T's hilarious barnet in the Oval Office? Time will tell... Mac
  10. Hi  I also read this thread at the time it was live but like yourself I was never able to fully understand the strategy. But then again, I'm not an expert on options (or much else in trading, being fairly new to it) But I have heard that options can be a very risky bet if not handled correctly so be very careful (or paper trade them to start off) if you are also on the learning curve. One thing I do know is that I saw a last post from  claiming that market makers and such like were robbers! But I have seen no posts from him/her since. Sounded like they'd suffered a very large loss (or e
  11. Thanks  Useful info as always :smileyhappy: Mac
  12. Let's see if my crystal ball needs a service or not... My prediction is.... 117,000 Mac
  13. Hehe, I know what yer saying :smileyvery-happy: What I should have said was "We're Doomed... Unless you're short!" Mac
  14. Hey  I can hear the voice of Private Frazer even as I type; "I tell ye laddie - We're doomed!" On the upside - it's Friday evening and I'm about to head to the pub where all life's miseries will be solved! (Well, until Monday morning, at least) Have a good weekend, Mac
  15. Agreed  - there does seem to be some uncanny parallels between Mr T & Mr C's political situation. Both have plenty of support from the larger party membership and public and yet in the main are disliked by their colleagues in their party's inner sanctum. What this says about the attitudes of MPs & Senators compared to those of the people they (supposedly) represent is a bit unclear but there is certainly a widening divide. On the other hand, there are the huge differences you mention too - Trump's attitude seems to be "Tell 'em what they wanna hear and I can be Emperor!" Whereas Co
  16. Hi   You know, I half hope Mr T does become president, just for the comedy factor of course. His barnet alone is priceless. It would also be interesting to see how much of his rhetoric he would actually be able to put into practice with not only Democrat senators/congressmen opposing him but many of his own party too. Meanwhile, I've taken out a large short on Lunar Surface Titanium Futures - just in case Ms Yellen does say the moon is made of cheese. (Also long on Dairylea [DYLE] for good measure :smileyvery-happy:
  17. Hi  Maybe she'll say the moon is made of cheese, who knows? And there are probably some speculators who would immediately try to analyse that statement for dovish or hawkish leanings. I've read that some analysts count up the positive type words in her speeches like 'encouragingly' or 'improving' and weigh them against the number of negative ones such as 'disappointing' or 'unclear' etc. and then try to draw conclusions about the future direction of various markets. I notice in the article you posted that 50% of respondents expect a 'hike' to be mentioned (so 50 % don't!) Or that 50% expec
  18. Cheers  - All advice gratefully accepted. Specifically, your point about keeping a diary of trades is something I keep hearing/reading again and again. I really must get my act together and start doing this. At the moment I'm a bit haphazard in my approach, so it's on top of my 'to do' list as of today. :smileyhappy:
  19. Hi  Thanks for the ongoing commentary :smileyhappy: I haven't taken a position on this but will watch with interest as (or if) the hourly resistance zone around 7650 is approached. With reference to your previous post about strategy and the 'caught between two stools' analogy, I find that trying to work out my 'style' or what trading methodology suits my personality is not really progressing in my paper trading account. I just don't have the same sentiments or emotions as when I'm managing genuine trades. But I don't open that many 'real' trades, and when I do it's always a small or min
  20. Thanks for that very comprehensive (and very helpful) reply  It just confirms how much more there is to the picture than meets the eye. Different time frames seem to show such divergent outlooks. And I'm not sure what type trader I am yet - a swing trader or more intraday type positions - still very much in the "try it out and see if it suits me" phase. Having said that - your comment about the pennant on the 1 hour chart does look interesting. A break to the low side seems to be underway as I type, thus confirming your thoughts. I might even be tempted to join you in that short :smileyvery-
  21. Hi  Not wishing to negate your analysis or anything but for me (using a very simplified view of the daily chart) it looks like the AUD has just bounced off a rising trendline and is set to continue upwards. I must add that I haven't studied much about EW theory and fibonacci wibbles etc.. so you may well be seeing stuff that I'm missing :smileyhappy: 
  22. Hi  you make an interesting point about buying companies being the last refuge of CEOs, which made me recall something that happened to me a few years back. I used to work for an American technology company in the late 90's whose executives were being handsomely rewarded by the issue of lucrative share options. As we approached the millennium, growth started to slow and the share price waned. The executives decided that the answer to this problem was to start acquiring smaller companies, giving the appearance of growth and boosting share value and, most importantly, maintaining the share opt
  23. Ah, Yes WTI  I see how that could be confusing when you started the thread talking about Brent. Sorry about that. To be honest, I don't usually look at Brent. I put WTI on my watchlist when I first started because that's the one IG's oil trading signals were given for and I've just kept on using WTI since then. (Even though I rarely take much notice of the IG signals anymore :smileyvery-happy:)
  24. Cheers  I've put a stop in a little bit above the recent high of 4930. I've gone for 4970 Which is within my comfort zone for a loss - and I reckon if it hits that it'll keep on going. My target is around 4600 where we should be near the 12 day EMA but will keep an eye on the price and may adjust my strategy accordingly. I plan to move my stop to B/E if it gets to 4800. Of course this may all be moot if it just flies away and hits the stop. :smileyvery-happy: But you have to have a plan and time will tell whether this one is any good.
  25. Hi ,  Got to agree with you guys a pullback is looking likely. I know should wait for the turn but in this case that nice steady rise for the last week has tempted me to go for a strategy I've read about but never tried – “The 7 day extension fade" So in the spirit of ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’ have take a small short at 4901 (US Crude) (Fairly tight stop, mind :smileyhappy:) Mac
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