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  1. There is a first hand example of the dangers of news events
  2. WOW - you posted the anser a few minutes ago (i did not refresh the page) - thanks
  3. UPDATE: SOLVED - My Forex FActory Chart was off by one hour - had to update it to 'automtically adjust for daylight savings" - all good now
  4. Hi All My first post here. I am trying to get my head around the massive 4 minute 55pip Spike in GBPUSD - at 12pm GMT yesterday My FF Economic calendar suggested news coming out an hour later (1pm GMT) (Really not sure if that is what actually really caused this - news filtering out early - not sure) Thankfully, I was not in any trade at that time - but if I had been - would have been definitely taken out ....and if I positioned in the opposite direction a minute later - would have been taken out a second time Can anyone suggest a theory of what caused this behaovior Thanks in advance