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  1. I agree with the comments in this thread that this change is a shame. It seems that IG wish to get rid of small, casual or part-time investors. I wonder why this is? The main reason I chose the IG platform in the first place was its ability to support smaller investors and now, in one quick announcement, with no consultation, they decide they want rid of me. But the thing that grates most is the wording of the announcement. The inclusion of the word “Smart” goes almost unnoticed, but makes a massive difference. I thought I was protected because I have more than £15K in my IG Portfolio, but it turns out that my portfolio is not “Smart”, and this was not explained clearly (until now of course when I query the charge). And to add insult to injury I have made 20+ trades in the last year, but because only one of them was in the last quarter I still get charged! Please sort this out IG. Do you want me (or us) or not?