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  1. As per title. You need to get with it IG :-D I dunno why you are so selective, you'd get more commish from us lot if you did. Cheers
  2. Can you add the following as All Session stocks please: PTON ZM SPCE Bit surprised first two aint already 😄 Thanks
  3. Can we have a daily report of portfolio performance please, i.e. show today's total gain/loss, and specific holdings. Monetary value and % please. Most of apps/platforms do this but don't see it on IG. Seems rather basic feature, have it missed it somewhere?
  4. While I like IG products, the company on the whole and their customer services, I can't take their crypto offering seriously and went elsewhere a while back which was much more profitable. You might be able to use it if you just take long positions and sit on them a while and when there's not much price action going on, but it never worked for me reliably when there was significant action going on - I like to trade frequently and this platform wouldn't work for me. Their spreads went from 20 to stupid 3-digit numbers which meant only long bets made sense. The worse thing I noticed about
  5. And again, 'Cannot but this market to open' when BTC starts to move up. I'm off, good luck with that...
  6. There was a large drop this morning, which should have benefited your hedging the long positions? Yet we cannot open long positions from 7100 all the way to 7400, yet we could go long at late 7300 to 7400 yesterday. Bottom line is it doesn't really matter the reasons, the product is not viable to anyone who hasn't got a long position in a while back. I'm not sure you should be advertising this product on your web site unless you make it clear to customers they may only be able to short BTC... Plus you ignored the issues such as when I open a successful short, both your iOS and web pl
  7. Again this morning, after really sizeable dip in price, you cannot buy BTC at all from 7000 all the way to 7400 and counting. Nice product guys,
  8. I appreciate you have to hedge but in my opinion the IG BTC SB offering is extremely poor in comparison to some competitors and puts the trader at such a disadvantage you would be very unwise to try to use it for trading during volatile conditions. You can't even use it to open a long position on BTC while the market is quiet - it says "You cannot buy this market to open" for hours today - no doubt because the price dipped down aggressively earlier and your hedge criteria is reached. This time I took video and pictures showing some of its behaviour for anyone interested. Hedging issue
  9. And now we get 'Market is not currently open to trade' just when there is nice volatility...
  10. Tedious. Cannot buy to open again.... great product guys.
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