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  1. Hello mate I personally can't help you but I'd highly recommend attending Chris Westerns webinar at 6:30 pm on Monday nights. I'm also learning though the IG academy and other online sources, and it comes together a little bit more by listening to Chris. He gives some recommendations and explanations as to why he would go long or short. It's here that I gain a better understanding of trading methodologies. Don't do what I have done in the past; trade without knowing the reason behind the trade. I read somewhere that poker players make good traders and if you want to succeed as a trader, sp
  2. Thee 'live chat' icon open up on the bottom, right hand side of your screen once you've logged on. It's here where you can submit online queries. It'd be good if you were able to invite people into the chat room to discuss trades. Jason
  3. Hi James Would you be able to let us know where you source the most-up-to-date news articles and macro economic events? Thanks mate. Jason
  4. Hi Guys My name is Jason. I'm still at the early stages of my trading career still. Whilst I've been with IG for 7 or so years I haven't always actively traded the market during this period. I'm wanting to step this up having over the years become more interested in financial markets and generally how the financial world operates. Having made mistakes, I believe that my goal of being able to trade successfully will be based on how much I educate myself. It is here that I would like to meet other traders, share our knowledge, discuss trading ideas as well as fundamental and/or technical rea
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