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  1. Deals, S/L lines are now showing for some tickers, but not others (those with quote delays). eg, MQG and CBA deals are showing on my charts, along with my stop and TP lines, but KGN position is not showing my open deal positions. Why is this? The chart should show the open, stop and limit points, irrespective of whether quotes are delayed or not.
  2. All of a sudden today my CFD deals are not showing on charts, and the chart options don't have "show deals" anymore. Why is this and how can I change this so that I can see my position opening points on charts again. I've restarted the ig.com tab, changed timeframes, changed symbols, all the same: open positions/deals are not showing anymore. Thanks.
  3. TME - cheers for that. My flash settings don't have the option to allow all sites - I have to select ask first - see screen snippet. And I have added ig.com to the whitelist sites also. I've also restarted chrome (version 62.0.3202.75 (Official Build) (64-bit)). The sooner IG abandons the dead Adobe flash and moves to HTML5 the better for us all. This flash plugin is not working in my Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser - whereas it was working last week. Have you seen any other tips or pointers to try apply to get flash working again?
  4. So I've enabled chrome to run flash for allowed websites, and explcitly whitelisted ig.com, but Chrome is still blocking flash and not able to launch charts (BTW, I was able to launch charts yesterday). Microsoft Edge browser is also broken - can't launch charts. And google think they can design a self driving car!!! Update: I launched IG in chrome incognito mode, and when launching the charts, I get a message saying flash is not installed. This is incorrect as I've reinstalled the flash plugin for chrome, and flash works at other websites such as speedtest.net. I'm starting to thing t
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