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  1. Exactly the question I came to ask. I can understand the Margin issues. But for fully funded cash traders wishing to go long (knowing all the risks and being prepared to lose) - What earthly reason do you have for restricting purchases of shares right now? How is that going to "prioritise the service we give our existing clients" Its either 1) A conflict of interest, In which case I'll be looking for another platform, or 2) A liquidity problem, in which case I need to take my funds elsewhere. Which is it? 1 or 2 ?.
  2. Nevermind - Sussed it. IAG is exempt from Stamp Duty! - as it is a Spanish company. I now see that companies that have Stamp Duty charged, state so on the product details section. Companies without stamp duty just dont mention it.
  3. Hi, When is SDRT Charged? After much research, I made my first trade yesterday, (Am British, with a British Account, and bought IAG). I was sure when I opened the ticket, that SDRT was factored in to the price of the trade (as it seemed to be a few pence out from my spreadsheet calculation - I made a mental note to investigate that small differential later). Once the trade completed, it seems that I was only charged the book value of the trade plus £8 commission. In my trade history, it shows the consideration £xxxx.xx ; Commission £8 ; Charges £0.00 ; Costs/Proceeds as equal to consideration + commission. Everything I have found online suggests that SDRT is charged through the CREST system at the point of transaction. That I should have been charged SDRT there and then. No funds in my account appear to be 'reserved' for SDRT. I opened a web chat, and the chaps in India looked at my account. The end result of that was a statement that IG don't deal with SDRT, and that I would need to pay it independently. I am not confident that this advice was correct. Can someone please advise? Is the SDRT charged through IG / CREST? Do I have some sort of introductory offer? How long should I keep funds in the account to deal with SDRT? - Am I missing something fundamental here?
  4. I have some shares with Computershare, that I want to transfer to IG. The IG help states; Do you charge for transferring investments in or out of IG? No, you can transfer your investments without any charges from us. The stock transfer form is written in terms of transferring from other brokers to IG. Computershare however, appear to charge a fee for transferring shares, they have a transfer form,(Transferring CDIs from the Company Nominee to another CREST participant with no change of beneficial ownership) but it is written in terms of transferring from them to anther broker. So if I get IG to transfer my shares, will I be charged a fee from Computershare? - If so, do I have to pay them to release my shares?
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