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  1. In their online account opening blurb IG state that they will pay a bonus to new clients based on the value of ASSETS transferred to them. However in practice it transpires that the amount of the bonus is calculated NOT on the assets moved but rather on the value of the securities involved. I find this sharp practice particularly as cash transferred is likely to be invested, generating income for IG.
  2. As I have said in my last message I am fairly new to IG. I see that IG provide information as to the effect on indices of shares going ex div. but would suggest that it would be very useful if they also itemised just which shares were involved and also showed the amount of each dividend. Similarly I think it would help clients if when a share went ex div. this was shown on the page showing clients' holdings.
  3. I have fairly recently opened an account with IG. I would suggest that, in order for clients to see the true position of their holdings, and to assist them in reporting capital gains, it would be helpful if IG showed the FULL cost of each holding (including their charges and Stamp Duty for example) and also take account of the same in the Profit/Loss column of clients' accounts.
  4. I use a spreadsheet on Excel to keep track of my gains and losses.
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