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  1. Is there a period of time after which compensation can be claimed for late payment of a dividend? It’s now the 11th working day from when the dividend for STCM was paid, but there’s still no sign. Seems to be this is an unreasonable delay, especially as other holders using different trading platforms all seem to have received theirs. I consider myself financially disadvantaged by this delay.
  2. Frostie I had a trial account for a while last year. Whilst it looked quite good I found the tools very limited and also couldn't trade in some (AIM) companies. For me too many limitations for anything serious, but it might have improved in the last 9 months.
  3. Hi Chris You’ll have to DYOR on whether iWeb or one of the other platforms is the best place for your investments. I’m certainly no expert. As I do understand it though iWeb do not charge an ongoing fee, just a set up (£25) and then trading fees. If you are not trading then that would be cheaper than IG. IG don’t charge for transferring out and iWeb don’t charge for transferring in. I think that iWeb handle all the transfers once you have set up an account with them. if you do go down this route might be good to share your experience with the IG community before you depart
  4. I will look at how this might affect me in the first couple of quarters of operation. If I incur charges that I can avoid I'll move to iWeb or similar. What would make this much more acceptable would be to allow a credit to build up so that trading fees from other than the charging quarter could be used to offset the custody fee. I think this is how iii work their fees. Even if the credit limit were the equivalent of 2 quarters charges (£46) that would be better. Someone else posted the same earlier and I do think this would reduce concerns with the fee introduction.