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  1. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has invited Chinese delegates to a new round of trade talks. The news breaks just days after Trump threatened additional tariffs on Chinese goods. Asian equities edged higher on Thursday in response to news braking of potential US-China trade negotiations, and have partially recovered previous losses. While the UK and Europe prepare for the final rounds of Brexit negotiations, the government steps up its contingency planning. The prime minister is set to hold a three-hour cabinet meeting to discuss the eventuality of a no-deal Brexit. US Cr
  2. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq both set new records, passing the 2900 and 8000 mark respectively for the first time in their history. Focus shifts on talks between the US and Canada on an updated NAFTA, which could be signed in the coming days. Canada’s Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland is now in Washington to carry out negotiations. The previously announced deadline for Brexit talks set for the 18th of October may not be feasible, as rumors spread that it may now be postponed to mid-November. Prices being charged in UK shops rose by 0.1% in August, interrupting a 63 mon
  3. KO's are not subject to the 50% close out rule, and therefore if the market moves against you you may have to deposit more funds to cover your position. (You're account is still covered by the negative balance protection rule though). If the position closes in a positive your margin is freed up and you take your profit, whilst if it settles against you your margin is freed up and any losses are deducted. Further basic info You buy a bull knock-out if you believe the price of the underlying market will rise. The knock-out levels available will be below the current market price.
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