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  1. Can someone please advise if I'm only trading US stocks it is better to convert my full balance to USD as opposed to getting hit with FX charges on each buy and sale trade of UD shares?
  2. Shouldn't be a problem tax wise, I buy Nio all the time on 212. Will probably try to trade it on Monday so will let you know if I have a problem too
  3. Also it'd be nice to be able to add a note to watchlist tickers...
  4. If mainly trading US stocks is it better to take the FX hit once and convert to US and trade the USD balance?
  5. Thanks for the reply...doesn't seem like its a big ask or something that is rocket science... Hopefully the more people that ask the more chance there is that they will implement something?
  6. Hi, Is it possible to add the ticker symbol to watchlist entries? Dsou
  7. Hi, New to the platform. Is there any reason why the search is currently unavailable? It's 10.41pm? Regards, D'Souza
  8. Saga took a 20% hit today and now trading well below IPO of 180 adds to your point of needing to take care rimmy
  9. Thanks rimmy, I love reading your posts and am learning a lot from them...please keep them coming.
  10. Thanks for the insight chaps, most helpful. I won’t take up the IPO on Sabre but will monitor them with the insight you’ve provided in mind.
  11. Super helpful rimmy, very grateful for the contribution. Information absorbed and stored with thanks. I will now view IPOs with more caution than previously thought. Many thanks, Dsou
  12. Hi Rimmy, Thanks for the insight. Fairly new to share dealing so really found your summary useful, informative and interesting. Thanks for sharing it on here. Regards, Dsou
  13. Hi guys, New to share dealing...what's the best route to buying shares in IPO's. Thanks for any advice on the subject. Regards
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