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  1. Any reason why IG has not paid the dividend for Aviva today? Barclays have paid this as have all the other brokers? IG have not paid the dividend for some reason. Can anyone enlighten me why?
  2. How can that be the real profit and loss when you have not taken into account the full cost of the transaction? You actually have to still calculate if you are actually making any money. You are saying you have to go to the trading ledger, add up all the values for multiple transactions and then take a look at what the potential sale figure will be to work out your gain? I am only here because Barclays completely self imploded and now have a system which can not give me an indication of how well I am doing because apparently people only want to know a figure which only gives part of the
  3. I am new to IG and have just received the invite to enter the competition to post on here and I guess I am shooting myself in the foot for posting something negative but this is something I really do not understand can exist. In short in the UK we pay Stamp Duty and this adds to our purchase price (0.5%) along with the commission we pay IG. However, for some reason IG do not include this value in the Book Cost. Consequently the Profit/Loss on your open position does not take these costs into account and so when looking at your Open Position it shows a better P/L position than actuall
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