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  1. Many thanks for your help Caseynotes, total success, lets hope I can trade it!!
  2. Many thanks for this info, but I am unable to find the -IG Bar Changer - app. The changer I am using at the moment only works on the 1 Min chart, hence I need to be able to download historical data set with the (£) ie. GBP USD(£). I can find the standard sets ie. GBP USD but they do not seem to be recognised in the IG version of MT 4 which seems to use the (£) suffix to each pair. Any further help you could give would be appreciated.
  3. Can anyone help with how to download the missing data on MT 4 customised time period charts. I have created 6 hour and 12 hour charts for a selection of pairs on the IG MT 4 trading platform based on the 1 minute chart but only a few candles have appeared. It seems to be only using the last few days data. Is there a way of getting the missing data for say the last year or so? I would appreciate any help on this matter. Many thanks igbirdman
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