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  1. Hi All, Don't why IG is refusing to action/prioritise the request for dividend reinvestment plan options and a HIN. I raised this back in 2017 (beneath) - to be told regulatory priorities were being prioritised over this capability, that was over two years ago. Considering the fact the trading platform does not fully work on Mac OS (charting etc) its to work out where development efforts are being directed.. I have and will continue to advise long term investors to stay away from IG - if it were not for certain US markets I would have closed my account back in 2017.
  2. I agree, there has to be some movement on this feature, a ETA at least. what's that status with DRP facilities? There is quiet the following on this thread now, interest is considerable... not a week passes when I don't get a private message asking for news. Also, can you tell us when we can expect access to corporate bonds via IG's platform, corporate bonds markets were mentioned some time back on the website, and yet when I recently asked I was told they were not offered. Regards,
  3. hi , There are many of us in the same boat.. I hold 5 , increasing regularly with aim to re-invest and I know the regular purchase fees are going to add up directly impacting my bottom line long term. I am personally going to give them another month or two then begin looking for alternatives and move off the platform (I read more and more platforms are offering $0 buy fees and DRIP automation). The lack of a firm commitment and timeline is just not acceptable, its been a while since this was raised. Cheers..
  4. I agree, to be honest DRP was something assumed as many other brokers offer it... the commissions are high enough with IG. I am personally giving them until May, maybe June - then moving my stock and business else where. This should fit 's timeline. Hopefully this interest and feature request gets flagged for urgency.
  5. Hi , I have not heard back from anyone since my last post, likewise being very interested in the DRIP functionality. I would message at and let him know you are keen, he seems to have access to dev's and engineers which would action this feature. Regards, Bosanac
  6. hi , Regret the late reply, I had issues login into the community. Thanks for following up, again its worth bringing in this feature and would make the IG platform more competitive. Even if it does come in Q1 or Q2 2018... though I would hope for IG's sake its sooner rather than later as services like https://www.robinhood.com seem attractive, the early access queue seem to back our sentiment. Lastly, we notice that there is a sizeable list of US shares not available for trading on the IG platform... who can we talk to about these stocks, getting them listed and available for tra
  7. hi , How did you go with the dev team re the Re-investment capability? For feedback and leverage sake, I have three analysts that work with me (of eight) who have IG accounts and all agree that such functionality would make the platform a whole lot more attractive to investing long term. Again, I am sure this is directly impacting trading volumes for a lot of people including my self. Let me know how you go..
  8. Hi , Just following up on this question. We are keen to invest into several US based shares long term and frequently, having the ability to re-invest dividends and avoid frequent trading fees would be a major draw card for us. The trading fees for US markets are high as they are on your platform, the functionality to reinvest would lower ongoing costs, directly guiding us and others I am sure, to bring across more trading business to your platform. Regards, bosanac.
  9. Hi Hannah, Has there been update to this feature request? We too are keen on the feature and would gladly port over more trading & long term holdings if it were implemented for US stocks. Regards, bosanac
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