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  1. Hi yes its a curios question and worth asking. I can only answer for my own situation. As regards stock i own quite a few and regularly buying more. Once you realise your borker is not supplying a service not as high as others brokers then it does make you consider looking around at other brokers. I do (well now its a case of i did) also have spread bet account, but with the threat of increased margin costs coming in July; has made me close my account and reopen outside of Europe. In doing so i have found another broker offering better spreads and lower costs (ENC account). So coming back to my dividend stock account. While im sticking with IG i'm not adverse to keeping my eyes open if another broker comes along, offering a better platform with DRIP facility. IG should not take its customers for granted, as they will walk if they don't keep up with their competitors.
  2. Its now 30th march 2018 and this post is getting very old and still NO DRIP facility.