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  1. Great - That works now. Had to use units on the graph to modify the back test time frame. For some reason if you chose some other time frame in the back test configuration window itself it doesnt work. You must set the graph to the time frame and in units. To clarify further if you set the graph to anything other than units i dont think this works for back testing , only for the chart display. So if you want to back test play with the unit size and you should get there . Thanks Yohan
  2. Hi Team, No matter what i do on Pro Real Time i only get 2 years of back test data ? Back test data only goes as far back as 2nd October 2015, i have tried setting a date and also using the chart areas which changes as normal but once i run the back test it reports my dates always from 2nd October 2015 to current date ?? Please advise. Yohan
  3. Hello All , How was this resolved ? Are you able to share the fix ? I have a similar problem i have activated Pro Real Time and Pro Order in my Live Account but when trying to activate Pro Real Time for my Demo Account it comes up with this errror "Server error occured while activating ProRealTime. Please try later." Tried it yesterday and also today and still the same error? Yoha
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