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  1. @TrendFollower I'll take a look at Edison, too. Why did you stop using them?
  2. I'm looking at UK listed companies. I found one website www.research-tree.com, that has a mix of independent and non-independent research, which they say covers 80% of the market and skewed towards smaller caps. They charge £25/month. I'd like to know if there are any others services like this I could compare it with.
  3. Does anyone know the best source to buy good independent analysis and research on listed companies?
  4. I did read an article today saying stockbrokers tend to offer better value than wealth managers, but I am not sure if any offer this kind of service. I made a start today by emailing a few, picked randomly from an LSE list of stockbrokers. I am treading quite cautiously because the service that I am looking for doesn't seem to be something firms advertize on their websites, and I can't really get the feel of how flexible, comprehensive, wanting the business, or expert these firms are, outside their generic services. I bank personally with RBS, although my branch is their rather idiosyncra
  5. Thanks, @trendfollower. I'm actually looking for someone who can offer advice on putting together a portfolio of, say 5 to 10 companies from the FTSE 100, 250 or All-Share indices, having particular regard to advice on the particular risks (such as potential problems with debt) of investing in identified high dividend paying companies. My company is the investor, and it has about £350k in cash to invest. I would like a long term portfolio, and am therefore looking for a one-off piece of advice work for a fee, rather than ongoing active fund management or commission work.
  6. Does anyone know of any reputable stockbroking or wealth management firms etc that offer portfolio advice for an upfront (one-off) fee?
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