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  1. Just a suggestion. Would be nice when looking at charts in an ISA account to see a visual indicator of the purchase date/s and price point on a chart, to make progress or lack of visually referable. Save on reliance on diary entries as to exactly when a stock was purchased. Would also be nice to see a 'Sold/Part Sold' indicator come up on the charts as well. Sticky so that if a stock is returned to at a later date the buy-sell history plot marks would be easily referable. Even if it only showed up on the Monthly chart view it would truly be a wonderful thing in my opinion. Thanks
  2. Thank you, I have gone through some of those resources previously and do continue to do so. I have found it quite a steep learning curve and have noticed that mistakes can be instantly expensive... !
  3. Very much appreciated thank you. I shall read it.
  4. My First post. Go Easy please! I am just a year into my trading experience. With no lump sum to start simply relying on monthly investments from my small business income. As I am late to the party in terms of age I have figured out a reasonable 12-year plan running up to retirement. So with that background I need to be as expansive as possible, not just safe-investing and hedging, but also going out-there to the riskier edgy side of things to try and create a capital pot. I have noticed there are a number of 2x and 3x ETF products out there. Some appear to be specifically very shor
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