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  1. I agree, a smaller stake size is required.
  2. Thanks I find trading short time frames like 15mins very difficult. Has anybody got any tips for this short of a time frame. I tend to stick to daily / hourly time frames. However, I do struggle to find where I should take profits.
  3. Thanks. To ben honest, even in the demo account i am keeping position size small. My real goal is to determine if i can enter and exit the market profitability, the actual amount will ony matter once i start using real money. I do have question regarding 'trend it your friend'. If on a daily chart the trend is up, however, on a hour chart the trend is down for a few days, which trend is my friend?
  4. Thanks guys. From your replies it looks like I need to practice lots! I may use a demo account then to hone my timing skills. Your replies have been much appreciated. Soni
  5. Thanks for the advise. I suppose, I find it difficult to take profit because I am still unsure which time frame to view things. How do you decide which time frame to utilise?
  6. Hi everyone I was wondering how do you decide your profit taking points? I find this the 2nd most difficult decision to make, the most difficult it trying to time entry right! I am new to trading and I am still finding a method that suits me. Thanks