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  1. Good evening all. Could anyone explain why I cannot currently delete open btc orders. My deposit is getting too high for my liking. It’s a shame to have to always keep open orders “on tap” because all ctyptos are Unlongable most of the time.
  2. For those jumping ship, Spreadco started bitcoin futures yesterday. Platform is half decent, spread is good but no dealing over weekend ! You pays your money....you takes your choice
  3. Anyone had any dealings with Intertrader ? I would be grateful for any feedback on this platform with cryptos.
  4. Could we have some sort of alert set up when trading is available. It’s mostly unlongable on all cryptos and life’s too short to be monitoring the situation 24hrs a day. Ken
  5. James I’m new here. How often does the buy option become unavailable ? When are you expecting it to come back.