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  1. closed today. position closed and thread can close. on next look out for next stock with a good chunk of cash. total return was 38.7% and a total of £731 in income.
  3. dear all, it's been a while. We are now in new highs territory. And the buys are flooding in. Today reached £3 and that target will likely be breached in the next few days, as new highs is often a buying criteria/strategy. An 18,000 share trade for example was recorded today at 16:38. I have been buying on the rise. And the company is still modestly rated. Which, if strategy continues to execute as planned, bodes well. ATB rimmy2000
  4. The only other thing i'll add is that this sells off in the morning, and gets bought in the afternoon. Easy to trade during day if you are into that style. But more importantly, for me it indicates a likelihood of US buying as the US markets open in the afternoon UK time. Crudely indicated below on 15 min intervals.
  5. Struggling to find time to compose posts right now, so anyone following this story consider this post as borrowed news from other sources. NEW CEO in post (with a background in digital at a gaming co) and was head of digital at WMH I believe. The Existing CEO (Bowcock) goes immediately, whihc is not surprising. Summary here: https://www.investorschronicle.co.uk/shares/2019/09/05/news-tips-william-hill-melrose-redrow-more/ "William Hill (WMH) announced that its chief executive Philip Bowcock will step down from the position and as a director of the company from 30 Septe
  6. yes, could do with some guidance on this, @JamesIG, or someone, as it is starting to cause issues. Chrome now defaults to blocking Flash. Which is annoying, and not everyone uses machines with admin permissions so unable to download alternative browsers. Just tried Opera and Firefox but machine permissions restrict ability to install alternatives.
  7. another US Casino opening a WMH sports book https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/affinity-gamings-lakeside-hotel--casino-announces-opening-of-william-hill-sports-book-300898748.html Market announcement in interims for tomorrow. https://www.investegate.co.uk/Index.aspx?searchtype=3&words=wmh Anecdotal evidence says the group are now closing shops and tidying up the operation for a US suitor to swoop. Of course the depreciation of GBP will make this a more appealing prospect than before. We wait.. Hope everyone is surviving the turmoil of late.
  8. Hi, A quick note to mention the 2019 Mello Awards are now live for voting. You can view categories and vote at https://forms.gle/uYpMTnfn6hjsdVSy6 (IG are in the running for two categories) Thanks
  9. Hi! Today we are *hopefully* seeing a trend reveral. Currently about 17% up intraday and this time the fundamentals are playing out. Today results were released and you can see the shareholder letter for 2019 Q1 here >> https://s22.q4cdn.com/826641620/files/doc_financials/2019/q1/Q1-2019-Shareholder-Letter.pdf So what have we got: mDAU (monetisable daily average users) eg, real users, not 'bots' up 11% - growing user base. Revenue up 18% Op Mgn 12% and operating income $94m Total US revenue was $432M, an increase of 25%. Total international revenue was
  10. this is really relevant to me, see 15:20 min onwards https://www.piworld.co.uk/2017/01/02/conkers-corner-edward-roskill-interview/ "trying to be really disciplined is very important" "trying to be distinguish between fundamentals and the stock price which can be completely different" 18:00 "prices can behave peculiarly" "price is an irrelevance" https://www.cnbc.com/2019/03/18/eldorado-resorts-caesars-explore-merger-sources.html we wait.
  11. Nice contributions. As we get nearer, let's take some guesses for FTSE 100 Close on last day of trading ? For me.. it's a bit early to get stuck in and predict or take a position yet... Monitoring for that 'right time'!
  12. do you mean this? calculated S&R levels ?
  13. Work in progress ... Ho ho ho! Its soon approaching Christmas (dare I even say it) although I think as early as late October I recall seeing baubles and festive goodies in the local shops. It has been a bit of a mixed year really, started good, then flatlined. Still need to review overall performance although that will come end of year. I thought I’d kick off early and knock up a quick thread for the infamous Christmas rally. Especially with the marktes having sold off very recently (on 26 Oct the FTSE 100 saw a low of around 6,854 there is some argument for entering a st
  14. It is quite tricky for me to write here in the interim. Obviously hindsight is a wonderful vantage, and looking back I could have sold, taken a chunky profit, then bought back in. But hey-ho, would not have known that at the time. Additionally, this brings up an interesting point that was written about in a Jesse Livermore book I am slowly reading. And that being that we must, must, consider that one aspect of our trading, or one dimension of our trading (as JL calls it) is time. Time is the dimension that allows us to consider Opportunity Cost: what am I foregoing by holding this po
  15. yes, that would have been worth buying into, ahead of results. Seen similar with BT today, when you get a few profit warnings in a row the marked revises down its estimates, and eventually you get a beat/ahead of expectations ? personally I just ignore these in my portfolio as they are medium term holding, but starting to get traction back.
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