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  1. By total fluke I have just come across this: which has a follow up second part: I would be interested to know people's opinions on this. Thanks for the feedback
  2. After a quick search: Compare International Transfer I just turned 50 K (GBP) into Euros using this company https://www.smartcurrencyexchange.com/ Definitely better than the bank (HSBC) Don't know about IG services
  3. Good question. I was wondering about the same issue yesterday and I don't know the answer. However I hope that weekend positions are closed when weekly trading starts. I need some deterrent from carrying on trading over the weekend. I love trading, but it's healthy to have a break.
  4. Hello dear people, Once I have entered a position, from the chart view I am able to use the sliding buttons for the Stop and Limit levels. As I move the levels the potential loss or gain is worked out and displayed for me in real time. Can I have the use of the same (or similar tool) before I enter a position? Yes I know, I could do the maths myself, (I am not a total fool, just a fool), however I am sure prone to make mistakes, plus the tool has been implemented, finally if I have to go away to work things out I usually loose some of the actual drive to go ahead with the trade (a bit
  5. That video is no longer available??? https://t.co/UT5GDgEIEF
  6. Thanks Caseynotes for your two replies, Regarding the first one I agree it is a big discussion with philosophical nuances, (i.e. aren't all traders really gamblers at hearth? And aren't good gamblers real experts in risk management?). Personally I would struggle to argue that a successful poker player is really that different than a trader. Both have to make use of strategies underpinned by information gathered on an ongoing basis and their own experience, which lead to decisions. I am open to continue this discussion. Thank you also for the info on the DAX and the correlation between indi
  7. To expand on my previous post. I have a number of set beliefs: 1) Indexes move in unison (the ones I know of) DAX goes up, Mib40 goes up, Wall Street goes up and vice-versa. 2) The afternoon European session is influenced by the going of the US market (Wall Street) as for example yesterday when after a good European morning session Wall Street opened and started moving down and DAX and MIB followed (giving me some serious anxiety) 3) There must be a way to have some corroborative (?) information that will indicate how the indexes will move. i.e. the Asian session of the previous night migh
  8. Hello people, First a big hello since I am new to the forum. Hello then. Straight to the point. I am open on DAX and MIB 40. Good rally up this morning (so far). Now (9:47) I have opened counter short positions because I think there will be a pull back. Am I too compulsive? (just a rhetorical question, I know I am). I think is a strategy that might have it's good points: now whichever way the market goes I will win some. Now (9:57) both indexes have definitely lost impetus. The bad points are that balancing the act remains a difficult task to gage. Please feel free to make any critical c
  9. Thanks, if I net off (as I think you call it) I have a problem left. I often have more than one position open on the same market. So which position will be reduced first? I still think it is best to deal with the issue from the Positions tab, in which case I am sure which position I reduce. But I thought there might be a way to do the operation from the chart itself.
  10. Hi, Is it possible in the new platform to partially close a position without going to the Positions Tab? I used to do it using the old platform. Most probably is staring at me but I am unable to see it. Thanks
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