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  1. Hello dear people, Once I have entered a position, from the chart view I am able to use the sliding buttons for the Stop and Limit levels. As I move the levels the potential loss or gain is worked out and displayed for me in real time. Can I have the use of the same (or similar tool) before I enter a position? Yes I know, I could do the maths myself, (I am not a total fool, just a fool), however I am sure prone to make mistakes, plus the tool has been implemented, finally if I have to go away to work things out I usually loose some of the actual drive to go ahead with the trade (a bit like **** I think :-)). Thanks for the advice
  2. That video is no longer available??? https://t.co/UT5GDgEIEF
  3. Thanks Caseynotes for your two replies, Regarding the first one I agree it is a big discussion with philosophical nuances, (i.e. aren't all traders really gamblers at hearth? And aren't good gamblers real experts in risk management?). Personally I would struggle to argue that a successful poker player is really that different than a trader. Both have to make use of strategies underpinned by information gathered on an ongoing basis and their own experience, which lead to decisions. I am open to continue this discussion. Thank you also for the info on the DAX and the correlation between indices and Currencies. I suppose it means that when an index moves the relative currency also moves in the same direction or in the opposite one as it might be. So if I checked the Euro when the Dax moves I might see a trend? Regarding news and fundamentals I think I struggle, since I tend to "induce" what will happen from a piece of data or a piece of news and I often get it wrong anyway. In that sense I feel like I am a bit of a gambler, sceptical about news being very useful for someone like me. To make it into a bit of a joke, news are that "one in four of us will get cancer", which can be useful in order to decide what life-style and habits to take up. But it would be much more useful to know which one of the four will actually be the unlucky one. I think technicals are much more graspable and I do keep an eye to that in the belief that price and trend are the only real news. Thanks again for the advice and if you can point me to where I can get the various Data releases in real time I will be very grateful.
  4. To expand on my previous post. I have a number of set beliefs: 1) Indexes move in unison (the ones I know of) DAX goes up, Mib40 goes up, Wall Street goes up and vice-versa. 2) The afternoon European session is influenced by the going of the US market (Wall Street) as for example yesterday when after a good European morning session Wall Street opened and started moving down and DAX and MIB followed (giving me some serious anxiety) 3) There must be a way to have some corroborative (?) information that will indicate how the indexes will move. i.e. the Asian session of the previous night might indicate how the European session will move (but that was not the case today so far). I don't have those information. I don't feel I have a real grasp of what is really moving the indexes behind a kind of personal belief system (they will continue up fulfilling the end of year customary rally). I am now not sure there will be a pull back (10:27) . Now what do I do? Any comment will be welcome
  5. Hello people, First a big hello since I am new to the forum. Hello then. Straight to the point. I am open on DAX and MIB 40. Good rally up this morning (so far). Now (9:47) I have opened counter short positions because I think there will be a pull back. Am I too compulsive? (just a rhetorical question, I know I am). I think is a strategy that might have it's good points: now whichever way the market goes I will win some. Now (9:57) both indexes have definitely lost impetus. The bad points are that balancing the act remains a difficult task to gage. Please feel free to make any critical comment as I think believe that is better to hear the harsh truth to get ahead. Thanks for the advice.
  6. Thanks, if I net off (as I think you call it) I have a problem left. I often have more than one position open on the same market. So which position will be reduced first? I still think it is best to deal with the issue from the Positions tab, in which case I am sure which position I reduce. But I thought there might be a way to do the operation from the chart itself.
  7. Hi, Is it possible in the new platform to partially close a position without going to the Positions Tab? I used to do it using the old platform. Most probably is staring at me but I am unable to see it. Thanks