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  1. I'm using Chrome. I just tried switching off AdBlock, but that didn't make any difference. The rectangle has now turned into a square...
  2. Hi, When I try to Export a chart, the resulting image generally has a large shape (usually a black or red rectangle) superimposed on it. Naturally this makes the chart totally useless... is it a known bug? - Peter
  3. Hi, Work got in the way today so I didn't have much time to try out the new platform, but initial impressions are that it's not very flexible compared to the old one. It seems to take a lot of effort just to get charts the way I'd like them. One thing that I couldn't understand: if I rename a workspace and have it open in a new browser tab, why can't the browser tab show the name I've assigned to the workspace? Surely that would make it much easier to navigate between workspaces? Hopefully I'll have more time to look at this next week, but so far I'd say: please don't get rid of the old platform just yet... >PTG
  4. Hi , I wanted to avoid having all the charts running all the time - as soon as I open more than a couple I can hear the fan in my laptop speeding up... I'll have a go with multiple workspaces, but I suspect it's going to be quite resource hungry. Do you know if IG is planning to phase out the old platform? If they do so, I hope they'll try to upgrade the functionality of the new one first... >PTG
  5. Hi Will, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I was aware of that capability with the new platform, but for me it doesn't work as well as PRT or the old platform. As I see it, there are two main issues: - My real watchlist has a lot more instruments in it than the example I showed above. If each one is shown in a different chart then I'll end up with a huge number of charts open - won't that slow the computer down? - When I have my split chart set up with 4HOUR and 5MIN charts, and then click on the next instrument it opens a new single (not split) chart, so I only get one timeframe and have to fiddle around splitting the chart again. So my feedback would be: - could you make it so the new platform mimics PRT or the old platform? - if not, then it should at least be possible to have a default chart setting whereby I configure a chart and then all new charts that open will be in the same configuration (timeframe, split setting, etc). >PTG
  6. Ok, here goes for my first post to IG's Community... I like to have a trading desktop with a list of instruments plus two charts that are set to different time periods. Let's say that I've got a watchlist with GBPEUR, GBPUSD and USDJPY, and two charts set to 4HOUR and 5MIN. The charts are linked so they show the same instrument, let's say GBPEUR to start with. Next I want to scroll through my watchlist so the charts show each instrument in turn. PRT: I can click on GBPUSD, the next instrument in the watchlist, and both charts will change to that instrument. Really cool and very easy, but IG thinks I'm not trading enough to get PRT any more :-( Old platform: I can drag the instrument I want from the watchlist to the bottom left corner of each chart and the chart will then change to that instrument. Not quite as easy as PRT but still ok. New platform: I can't find any way of doing this. So, can anyone tell me how to do this with the new platform? And I'm sorry if this question's been asked before - I tried to search for it but there are too many messages with "chart" in the title. >PTG
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