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  1. why am i unable to delete working orders?? Markets are unlongable but what has this got to do with my long working orders which i am trying to delete?
  2. are we any closer to seeing these cryptos and potentially others available via ig soon? Can you say when that might be? In meantime...happy festive trading/analysing/avoiding to all my crypto buddies. I for one have enjoyed my short trading break, it was taking over my life. But ready to dive back in soon.
  3. Agreed. It definitely is becoming an increasingly upredictable, expensive and volatile market..low liquidity being an issue as you guys say. Im going to sit on the sidelines for a bit and see how all this unfolds. Looking forward to ripple and otec becoming available
  4. As much as i love ig...im ceasing trading. Its not just btc....all cryptos are unlongable and this is just ridiculous now. Closed all my bets which have almost wiped out profits made in december...but i just cant trade under these restrictions. Need my sanity back. Will keeping watching the community threads. When things are better i will return to trading. Looking forward to ripple and some other cryptos becoming available on IG.
  5. Beware!! As bitcoin had fallen by 20% or so, tried to close a historic short bet. Wouldnt let me...called up they said cannot close any short bets if i have long bets open as it would increase my long exposure. Ridiculous...so dont bother trying to hedge with opposing bets!!!
  6. Excellent. Was reading up last night about bitcoin patterns of corrections. Based on last 3 years, we can expect a significant correction sometime between 4th -16th january. Past no indication of future etc. A correction would be welcome...its becoming quite costly to trade btc with multiple bets due to deposits needed.
  7. Agree too. Eth and btc are no longer the only ones to watch. Ripple is getting alot of attention , any comments on when/if ig will be reviewing its crypto proposition?
  8. you were the first to say we could possibly see 20k by end of year - you were onto something. Well foreseen.
  9. Fyi folks - just managed to get two long orders accepted. Now is the time to try...good luck.
  10. Good advice. I am good at being detatched emotionally to what is happening to my trades. I can switch off the **** and **** reactions to trades going against me big time. I think iv got it in terms of holding my nerve....but need alot of work in technical analysis and general research and understanding of why the underlying asset behaves the way that it does. Question for you the fancy charts you create, are they via ig charts?
  11. Need to learn a bit more about the stuff you refer to . Now that i wont be obsessing over btc and eth prices all weekend, will try set some time aside to learn. Will start with ig academy.
  12. Woohoo. Taken profits and cancelled out previous huge losses with a neat profit on top. Pheww. I can sleep tonight.
  13. You're wiser than me. Although iv done not bad overall without much technical wisdom...apart from a blunder here and there!!
  14. Yes...noted. cant go long on ether either when it takes a dip!!!
  15. . This really is a huge issue now james. Its been almost a week iv been trying to set up longs but been rejected. And as said above...this includes the other cryptos. This really isnt fair. Will it get any better at the weekend when it is quieter?
  16. Its picking up again...lets hope so. My longs havent made much progress since last week so im hoping for a good end today so i can take some profits before pullback - fully aware that i probably wont be able to set up longs again. Only taking profits if it goes to a decent high.
  17. Cooled off from highs but still hovering above 17k. Would be great to see another daily high today, or better still, a weekly high!