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  1. As much as i love ig...im ceasing trading. Its not just btc....all cryptos are unlongable and this is just ridiculous now. Closed all my bets which have almost wiped out profits made in december...but i just cant trade under these restrictions. Need my sanity back. Will keeping watching the community threads. When things are better i will return to trading. Looking forward to ripple and some other cryptos becoming available on IG.

  2. Good advice. I am good at being detatched emotionally to what is happening to my trades. I can switch off the **** and **** reactions to trades going against me big time. I think iv got it in terms of holding my nerve....but need alot of work in technical analysis and general research and understanding of why the underlying asset behaves the way that it does. Question for you the fancy charts you create, are they via ig charts?