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  1. my sincerest apologies if iv missed an offer to get to grips with charts and the technical stuff you talk about. Take this as my acceptance of the offer. Teach away...! P.s. im normally in fx and crypto forum, thats probably why iv missed it. Loving your info and charts on btc in that forum. Im a total numpty when it comes to charts and know next to hee haw about technical analysis (two fine scottish words included for your amusement and for emphasis!!).
  2. Well well. A disappointing week for btc. What next? Is there still scope for a xmas rally for btc? Its hovering in a narrow range which is pretty unexciting and unprofitable when you cant go long!!
  3. Ripple and IOTA are ones to watch indeed. IOTA for its partnership with microsoft, amongst other things. Ripple saw a surge today. Really fed up with not being able to go long on btc and ether for some days now. How can one possibly make money....ah maybe thats the whole point!
  4. Wow!!! Thanks for warning. As frustrating as ig can be at times, it is one of the better ones i think. Having said that, iv not been able to long btc since friday...tried several times each day.
  5. I believe hargreaves offer an ethereum tracker which may be one to hold onto if you believe it is in for a surge. Ripple is an interesting one....my ears switched off as my partner rambled on about it...but there were some really compelling reasons why the future looked good for ripple.
  6. Interesting views. My partner works as a software developer for a global financial firm and ethereum is technology is definitely on the cards for adoption in some way. Some would say ethereum will outrun btc in the long run. I expect eth to have a very strong performance in 2018.
  7. Agreed. There should be some sort of alert system. This continuous trial snd error cycle is very frustrating
  8. Agreed. I gave tried opening long trades at all hours in last,12-24 hours. No joy. Not good.
  9. Ooh that's scary. The biggest problem iv been facing os trying open up new orders. Which is really limiting!
  10. I presume the issue he refers to is just a hook? Poor guy.
  11. Poor guy. Keyboard must be his only friend. Looking forward to a strong bitcoin performance
  12. Encouraging! Yes i think i will spend some time learning via IG own tools. Got a lot to learn!!!
  13. I must agree it has been pretty frustrating. Iv been trying so many times to open a long trade since friday evening (and its now sunday morning) and i have been unable to. Potentially missing out on profitable trades.
  14. Interesting views folks. Santa rally looks like one i may just take advantage of. Thanks!
  15. wise words re getting in the action around the middle and avoiding the extremities. I guess thats where i go wrong at times. The question for me is always how do i know if the current price is likely to the middle of a big rise/fall or if it has reached its end point....i guess this where looking more closely at trends/charts over a wider timespan comes in useful.
  16. Very interesting insights shared here folks....thanks. how are the Boll bands looking now? Interesting comments from re fib lines. I need to get up to scratch with analysing trends/technicals via charts. Its not an area im familiar with. Does IG offer any webinars/info on this kind of stuff?
  17. I agree. I think far more people and institutions, crucially, are sitting up and taking notice of btc if hadnt done so before. I do believe it will reach crazy heights within months. Its a good time, albeit a bit late, to gain exposure to a btc tracker, in my opinion, for the long term potential. Perhaps wait for a bit of a crash first. Its now conceivable that btc will reach 50k in coming years as the big investors muscle in.
  18. Hi Jamesleo1. I dont know what time you were trying to close but it could be that you were attempting it after 10pm friday when the ig platform closes to bitcoin trading. I believe btc gbp reopens around 9pm on sunday and btc usd reopens 8am this morning. Hope that helps.
  19. Well the last 12 hours or so have seen bitcoin dance around the 15k mark, after a dramatic week peaking at 17k. However it doesnt quite look like a correction is setting in yet....or is it? What do my fellow traders feel bitcoin will do next week...based on sentiment, technical analysis or whatever other force guides you.
  20. My sentiments echo your own James and trendfollower. I for one am learning a lot from the experience of others, my own mistakes and successes. We dont have to agree with each other all of the time but should respect others decisions/views/experience level at all times.
  21. Great info guys thank you for sharing with the community. A well thought out strategy luigo and sounds like you know what you are doing. I need to get to grips with using APIs.
  22. Thanks both. I managed to get a couple of long positons opened in the 15k region...so i could live with 20k plus quite soon. Still got my shorts running at huge losses....my net position is still a big loss. But not over until my trades are closed. In the meantime, my longs are feeding the losses on my shorts. Guess this is what happens when you set up trades in between nappy changes and night feeds during maternity leave!!