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  1. Thanks, trendfollower, well, I am residing in Singapore, over the past few months, I am observing USD is sliding against SGD for a few months from 1.36x to 1.32x, and last year economic growth is strong, and the central bank is expecting to let the dollar appreciate gradually when they announce their stand in Apr. I know it is a few months away. I am on a guaranteed stop loss of $1.34 since I am on a limited risk account. I have no other research on other currency pairs though. Am new to FX. I am mainly into cryptos and its a lot of volatility and since IG long trades on BTC and ETH is rather limited, I am trying to trade other ways to make money. Or what other USD or other Forex pair is a safer bet?
  2. Think its not open in all markets yet. I dont see it in IG SG as well.
  3. All, Am new to FX started off with cryptos and got irritated with unlongable for cryptos for IG. Anyone have experience for SGD/USD pair ? USD has been sliding against SGD steadily from 1.36 to 1.32x for the past few months. I am planning to short USD against SGD. I know this is not a major currency pair but anyone has any feedback or suggestions? Thanks
  4. HAHA That’s if you are assuming you will not get the favourite phrase “unlongable “. In any case I don’t see it in SG IG platform for XRP yet
  5. BTC/ETH pairs for Alts (any other coins other then BTC) through time its very difficult to find a BTC pair that increase over time. One example of ETH in June it was 0.14x and now it is 0.04x in BTC pairs, given, the USD value rose from $300 to $800, unless you can catch those pairs that rises like 20% over a few hours, it is time to take profits, on the long run the btc actually rises more in terms of USD. I think pure hedging on BTC/ETH/BCH on USD value is better, but I am hoping for this unlongable thing to go away soon!
  6. i think BTC will remain bullish until CME comes online. However, it is not possible to go long and I am sick and tired of this.
  7. Its STILL going up. The problem with cryptos is, any FUD news will shake the whole market now, but now with futures coming, I believe it will be rising until the 15th at the very least probably in the range of 15K. When I shorted and lost more then 500 points, I had to liquidate it, I have no idea where the bull will run to. Having said that, all the best but when the pull back come, it will be spectacular.
  8. My shorts have been wrecked since 12.1k and I liquidated the short and when I tried to long from 12.6 to now 13.6 I still cannot open an order! Come on it is a 1000 point increase, I would have recovered the loss if I was able to open the order at 12.6. IG seriously? My AM said IG can refuse an order if it is anticipating a dip to prevent losses from being incurred for the customer. So how long is btc going to be unlongable? Its extremely annoying.
  9. Haha, Now I found another issue when I think it was brought up in the past too, I am sorry I know I should read up. I tried to buy btc when it was tradiing at 10800 this morning when it was an obvious gain and guess what, I got a "You cannot currently buy this market to open a position" error popped up. Some smart algorithm knew that a lot of people "fomoing" (fear of missing out) and the system rejected my buy order! and for goodness sake, You all are already charging 0.0416% parking fees for each day and why are u all rejecting our longs? I find its quite ridiculous.
  10. What are the trading hours of cryptos? Cryptos are running 24 by 7.
  11. It was under maintenance and I could not change any entries. Now the maintenance is over, it says market closed and the price is at 10872 when other markets is over 11,000. It seems that i can modify the order, not sure if it can be closed or something else. Can anyone confirm the operational hours of the btc platform? Thanks.
  12. I have been dealing with bitcoin and cryptos in general in traditional markets, have began to explore bitcoins through CFDs in IG. Banks are generally less hostile to traditional investments instruments like IG compared to a real crypto exchange. The question is cryptos run 24 by 7, but when I log in I see market closed. Since I am a newbie, I just want to know when is the operating hours for trading for cryptos, and since the price is pretty much fluid, are the guranteed stops or limits executed when price is hit even IG is off hours? Since btc can pretty much swing 30% in a few hours, and I cannot edit the order anytime. What is the general strategy that you guys do to speculate btc without access to it 24 by 7? Thanks.
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