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  1. Shame that it's too much trouble for IG. For anyone else that can't read the fonts try using Stylebot (https://github.com/ankit/stylebot). Open it, click on background, select font of choice. Results below.
  2. Well I asked this a long time ago but never got an answer but I'll try again. Is there going to be any option to change the font on the new platform? The image below is from both platforms magnified 300%. Same machine, same browser. Old platform is easy to read and new platform is difficult - with me poor eyesight I can't use it.
  3. Just got one of these and it would be great to "talk to IG" to find out positions and prices and to make trades.
  4. Really liked the reference to Kruger & Dunning so much that I read the paper. What you say is right but that graph isn't in the paper. I quite liked the analysis on this site https://lifeandlearning.me/2015/10/31/unskilled-and-unaware-of-it/ Cheers,
  5. Hi Dan, Just tried the subscription on a topic and it seemed good. I went to subscribe to the Feedback section and only get "Subscribe to RSS Feed" but no "Subscribe". From your text I thought I should be able to subscribe to a topic. Best wishes.
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