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  1. Shame that it's too much trouble for IG. For anyone else that can't read the fonts try using Stylebot (https://github.com/ankit/stylebot). Open it, click on background, select font of choice. Results below.
  2. Well I asked this a long time ago but never got an answer but I'll try again. Is there going to be any option to change the font on the new platform? The image below is from both platforms magnified 300%. Same machine, same browser. Old platform is easy to read and new platform is difficult - with me poor eyesight I can't use it.
  3. Just got one of these and it would be great to "talk to IG" to find out positions and prices and to make trades.
  4. Hi thanks. Unfortunately there is quite a lot I don't like - I agree with many of the comments in here. But for me the fact that the fonts are illegible and that I can't see the whole name of the name of the investment (under some circumstances) mean that I can't be sure which item is which. These are showstoppers for me - I'm not going to be using something I can't read. I hope you can get a consolidated issue list, priorities and timescales soon. Best wishes,
  5. Hi , thanks for all the updates recently - good to know what's happening. I was shocked though at the "12 months" comment regarding the "classic" platform. The new platform is unusable for me and I have seen no real improvement in the last 6 months. I'm hugely disappointed in IG after having been a big fan for many years. Speaking as a developer myself I appreciate the difficulties but this seems poorly planned and executed by IG and my confidence is severely dented. If IG adopted a professional approach it would share a list of issues and what it currently believes are the highest priority issues (rather than fix odd things that crop up). The users would be delighted to help with prioritising. This would allow both IG and users to understand what changes are likely and the timescales to expect them in. Sadly I guess that I shall have to start looking for other providers.
  6. Haven't been looking at the new platform recently as there are too many problems with it for me at present but just took a look at the twitter feed recently mentioned by  - it looks good but I can't see how to close it. Surely it should be like the other tabs that can be moved and closed? Cheers.
  7. Really liked the reference to Kruger & Dunning so much that I read the paper. What you say is right but that graph isn't in the paper. I quite liked the analysis on this site https://lifeandlearning.me/2015/10/31/unskilled-and-unaware-of-it/ Cheers,
  8. Hi Dan, Just tried the subscription on a topic and it seemed good. I went to subscribe to the Feedback section and only get "Subscribe to RSS Feed" but no "Subscribe". From your text I thought I should be able to subscribe to a topic. Best wishes.
  9. Hi Tim, Thanks for the reply. As a developer myself I appreciate these small things are awkward and time consuming to fix. However, a slick experience makes for easier and more trading. This particular issue also relates to the one I raised in the New Beta discussion about setting the time periods on charts - to make good judgements I (and maybe others) need to be able to see the exact same time duration on two charts from the same starting point. The answer by Raoul didn't cover the issue and the idea of scrolling the timeline similarly means that the charts aren't the same. Best wishes
  10.  Where there are economic events close to the edge of the graph - when you click on them the popup panel doesn't allow the information to be shown e.g on the image I don't know what the numbers are without changing my graphs. Cheers
  11. Hi Raoul, Thanks for that. With regard to the time period I was actually referring to the period of the chart rather than the period of the ticks. On the old system you could select the start and end date for a chart so that with two charts you could do a direct comparison. On the new system I can only find how to change the period by dragging the sliders at the bottom. However, it is all but impossible to get exactly the same time period on two graphs this way. Cheers.
  12. Hi, thanks for the answer - I hadn't seen that so it was useful. What I meant was on the old system when you click the drop down menu one of the options was news and you got the news items relevant to the ticker in a "News" panel. The news is there - on the left hand panel I can select news, but then I'd have to do a search for the ticker which is a bit painful.
  13. Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere (I couldn't find it) but how do you get to news for something?
  14.  To explain - the image above shows 2 different views of the "Positions" box (1 image above the other) with the box having differing widths. The "Market" gets truncated when there is still plenty of space between the market and the size (and no I don't have any positions with 100000 size). As you can see this means that crucial information about the market is lost when there is space for it. Minor, but would be good to get these things right. Cheers.