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  1. Essentially my question is this correct? "And any rise in a stock price will be matched, dollar for dollar, with a rise in the price of the call" As it seems almost random how much the actual call price changes, compared to the underlying index/FX
  2. Hey! I have tried my hardest to read as much as I can about this before posting but im stuck. please help Lets Say the FTSE100 is trading at 7110. To buy a call at 7110 is 20, and the spread is 5. To buy a put at 7110 is also 20, and spread is also 5 (I am trying to straddle) Now as soon as I buy both of these I am -£5 -£5 = -£10 profit/Loss I expect that if the market moves up 15 Points, My Short is now -£20 (the maximum I can lose), and my Long is now £-5 + £15 = £10. If the market moves back down 15 Points I expect to be back to -£10 profit/Loss again This does not seem to be the case. What happens seems somewhat random, With me starting out at -£10 P/L and ending up at say -£20 P/L. How can this happen If I straddle both "at the money" and my strike price is the opening price of the trade, given that both options have the same price and spread? I know that the various "greeks" determine the opening price for an option, do they also control how much the option moves during the trade? can they change during the trade?
  3. I cant close my bitcoin position. no updates on the graphs. whats going on? when will this be fixed?
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