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  1. Your wildcard with ripple is scarcity..... or lack of. Cheers happy fortune telling
  2. Yes, my position has been reinstated along with the limit price (market closed Sunday 31 about 20.00 in the IG world) the last price 741.50 US I have had an email sent to me, it looks like IG has dropped the bundling of 10 ether in a mini ether contract, no mention of mini. Existing non- executed orders have been deleted it would seem. Looks like someone is on the job..... I would say there are some people on the platform that would have been ecstatic that their short positions and losses were canceled talk about a happy new year lol! Still would like to know what is going on tho cheers to all. Happy New Year! especially to those that are working at IG ... many thanks!!!!
  3. Yes, this happened to me too I had a limit order set just as it reached the limit price to close the position and take a profit I receive an email position closed sell 2 contracts @ the buy price P/L nil. No information in market info and interestingly I still have a Ether position on my Demo account that says DO NOT USE. I must admit the demo account demonstrated to me no to go short as you could not cut your losses when it was un-long-able. I would like to know if it is IG's policy to cut winning positions or is it just a glitch with the system that is going to be sorted out. Looking forward to finding out what happened also.
  4. Yes, it will revolutionize lots of industries there will be a massive drive for data storage companies like Micron Technologies sales will go up. Amazon will be able to track the commodities they sell to value add. For instance, say they sold beef they could generate a QR tag to a young calf and link this tag to an Ether and using the Ethereum blockchain network could track the calf right through to the point of sale as a meat product so with this information Amazon or any retailer could upsell their product. MMMMnnn food for thought there!
  5. Tried to place a trade just now Tuesday the 12/12/2017 4.30 pm Australian east coast time no orders taken by phone or online. So still is a valid questions!