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  1. Turns out you are correct @Caseynotes. I finally had some time away from work and got in touch with a tech support and mt4 has it's cutoff point basically at midnight while Web version does it at close of NYSE. That is also what the charts show when looking at the 1H. e.g. The Huqwei CFO got arrested after NYSE had closed but not before MT4 had it's cutoff point for the daily candle. Hence the different candles. Thanks for taking the time!
  2. Hello! Yeah that explains the Sunday bars missing, which I have no issue with. I don't necessarily agree with it working one way in MT4 and another with the web based platform but those are minor issues, kind of. The Issue I have is the candles on 20181206 and 20181205. In MT4 it is a big red candle and then a green huge bullish Pinbar, but in Web platform(no matter what account I'm using be it CFD, Metatrader or Demo) it is a small green candle and then a huge red candle. How a Sunday candle affects Wednesdays(2011205) and Thursdays(20181206) candle is beyond me. It really shouldn't,
  3. So, just to see if I understand this correctly. Here is a chart attached from my live CFD account with us30 cash and not weekend. Just to be extra clear this is an actual account where I can make trades with real money. Notice anything different from the previously posted chart? granted the previous one was weekend but this one isn't. Blue box for added focus. So are you telling me my real account on the online platform is getting a data feed with demo data?
  4. Hello! So I was looking through the charts the other day and noticed something a bit odd. Well actually that IG MT4 platform is showing faulty price action. Something quite different from the Online platform but also other brokers. The screenshot attached shows IG MT4, IG Online Platform and IC Markets MT4. In that order. I added the trend line, in black, to highlight even further how the prices and candles don't add up. Notice how the trend line only touches two highs in IG MT4 but on the online platform it touches three tops and does so also in IC Markets MT4. To highlight
  5. Oh I see, sorry for hijacking the thread. Thought it was a similar issue.
  6. and for anyone else reading this I don't actually believe IG is a scam broker, otherwise wouldn't have stayed with them for more than 18 months. It's just this kind of behavior in charts is reminiscent from the time when I was new to trading and actually had set up an account with what turned out to be a scam broker(a valuable but costly lesson).
  7. oh and this is also an issue on my previous work laptop running mt4, home pc running mt4, and Microsoft surface pro 4 running mt4. Both over wifi and cable.
  8. Thank you for your feedback caseynotes but this is something that has only started happening for about a month now. I've been with IG for well over a year and a half now and this was never really an issue before then. And yes I do realise the whole different brokers different charts thing. But this is only an issue on their mt4 platform. Their old and new web trader doesn't have this. On there the ger30 charts look like the IC Markets chart. So that isn't the issue either with differing data and all that.
  9. notice also how in the IG screenshot it skews the chart where you have one big green candle following the outtage of data when in fact it is a series of red and green candles as shown in the IC Markets screenshot.
  10. in mt4 on mobile I'm looking at the GER30 chart on the 1 minute time frame. I have attached screenshots to highlight this issue. The black circle shows the candles when there was no data and everything was just standing still. The chart with flat candles is IG and the other chart where you can see movement is from IC. Same mt4 app on one and the same Samsung Galaxy S8+ where I just switched accounts. Screenshots have been cropped to keep file size to a minimum.
  11. Rakuten doesn't have this issue, FCXM/FXTM doesn't have this issue, IC Markets doesn't have this issue, LCG doesn't have this issue. But IG Swiss and IG UK has this issue(they operate data feeds on the same server though so that is no surprise).
  12. The more I look into this the more IG is coming out looking like a scam broker with unreliable data feeds when other brokers from other side of the planet has no issue with providing good and reliable data feeds.
  13. and this is all happening at random, not connected to certain actions(otherwise it would happen when I pull up the IC Markets account as well). I've noticed at home as well when using a candle timer(that shows the countdown til the current candle closes) that when running IG Markets mt4 and IC Markets mt4 side by side the timer for IC Markets counts down as per usual but the IG Markets counter lags and skips every few seconds. Utterly ridiculous.
  14. And now it started moving again, there are 2x1 minute candles that are showing 0 activity(no wick and a body that is less than 0.1 point wide). Is this what a serious broker has to offer? how is this even possible? This isn't platform or performance related. It's IG that can't provide a reliable data feed for their mt4 platforms. Which is really weird.
  15. So right now I'm looking in mt4 for mobile IG Markets, same mobile application but on IC Markets account, and IG's proprietary trading platform(the web version). In the IC Markets connected account the DE30 is moving as per usual, in the web platform everything is showing fine as well, but on mt4 mobile with my IG account nothing has happened for well over a minute now. Like **** is going on? Seriously get your **** together, this is costing me profit.
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