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  1. I use the client sentiment data for my trading, but I'd like to have the pairs I follow on a single page. Is there a way I can access that data from a feed to make my own customised page? More specifically I'm after the trading activity data, so I can see the sentiment for the last hour. Thanks.
  2. Since late last week the MACD no longer has a bolded line at the 0 crossover. This is making it hard to read for the way I utilise the MACD. Can this please be rectified back to the way it was so the delineation is clear? Thanks.
  3. ABC's are important. Any plans to add WXY and WXYXZ?
  4. The alerts are great, if only you could create an alert for price crossing a trendline. At the moment I'm guessing when price will cross the trendline to be alerted. Would be great if I could right click the trendline and create an alert. Thanks.
  5. As a technical trader the new platform is amazing. The charting package is really good, and has already got me migrating from tradingview. A couple of suggestions for improvement: - My indicator of choice is a MACD 4C, which is the MACD signal line displayed as a histogram. There are currently options for line type, it would be great if histogram was an option too. - I find that the indicators have a lot of 'headroom'. I'd like it if the indicators could be stretched up and down to fill in more of the space, additionally if that could also be adjusted manually but sliding the mouse up and down on the right hand side of the chart (like you can do for the main chart) that would be handy too. - Rearranging the order of workspaces. Currently there is no way to move them. Thanks guys, good work.