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  1. Hello Why does the IGTV on demand only play the latest program. For instance, the view shows the week ahead and the previous stories below. I select the one of the previous stories, say, charting the market and this goes into the view above. However, when you press the triangle play it then plays the week ahead! Is this a technical fault or user error.
  2. Hello- Does anyone know where I can find a tutorial on the differences between using CFD or Spread-betting. Thanks
  3. Still no luck. All weekend indicies showing 0 change.
  4. I do not seem to be getting "weekend" indicies prices. Called 0800 4096789 and got the cleaner. I thought the service was supposed to be 7 days a week?
  5. Hello Does anyone get the following issues? If so, how did they resolve them. Thanks
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