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  1. They should be able to work it out and give a definitive answer for any given time and say itll change. It would give me a rough idea. Having a complex calculation is not my problem, I certainly dont sympathise with anyone. If they cant work it out, simplify it.
  2. That reply by Matt Steven's after 5 days was complete rubbish. He should be ashamed!
  3. Lol yeah it looks like they didnt get their answer either. Can anyone from ig just tell me directly what the overnight charge is for both gold and us crude at 100 per pip? That way I'll get a rough idea of how much you charge. Or share with me the formula so I can work it out. Thanks
  4. What does that mean? I meant how much actually in figures is it.
  5. Hi, Can anyone tell me what is the daily overnight charge for gold and us crude for £100 per pip? Thanks
  6. Honestly it's very common with ig index for orders to be rejected. And by the time it accepts, the markets has moved. Not even with big amounts. I've been rejected with 50p per pip at non volatile and volatile times. The execution leaves a lot to be desired. Compare with other brokers and you'll see the difference.
  7. I hope no one bought or has been holding on to Bitcoin and ethereum. I originally mentioned in July this year that they're done. It's easier when you're happy to be biased either way. I gave up on cryptos after January and therefore have stayed away. Until it's above the 50 ma wouldn't touch it with a barge pole no matter how cheap it is.
  8. Since my original reply in July Bitcoin is basically static at this key 6k level and ether has dropped by 50%. As long as it's below 50ma not even looking at it let alone put money in them.
  9. Honestly, I think Bitcoin and ethereum are done. The people who invested early are sitting on huge profits. New money has no reason to come in. Yeah it won't go to 0 but that's because there are people who invested early who would hold and there's always people who actually use the service. How many people do I know who want to transfer Bitcoin or money without personal details known- none. Once banks use blockchain tech and transaction fees drop then anonymity is the only reason to use crypto. I may be wrong but that's how much I understand. I ask myself why use cryptocurrencies when the technology itself is available. Why buy all samsung tv's when the technology is available to make your own tv? It's true I hope it starts rallying as I'd love to trade it again but at the moment no way!
  10. James you didn't correct me on the above reply. I've just been told when you are short it's the bid price you should be looking at. Please recheck this and reply with the correct answer. You should not allow people to give wrong advice to others. Thanks
  11. Spotify could be a good buy. Its valued less than its worth and has just released good expectations. Lets see how the ipo does.
  12. When you go short then it's the ask that you should look at to see if it hit your stop.