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  1. I had an issue with a share dealing account as well funny enough about a company that almost went to the wall and issued a buyback of outstanding shares after a split, I am also unhappy with the outcome and trying to get an answer maybe have a look at my post on "ORIG"
  2. hi is there a IG training course or videos on how to use options for trading as opposed to MT4 ?? cheers
  3. looking to sell this only if it pulls back and fails to break north I will watch for a failure on the 15 min chart and I want a breakout through the 1hr range bottom 4hr targets
  4. I am looking for a re-entry on this trade I want a pullback on the 1hr to fail before I sell to daily levels
  5. this was the move I was looking to catch
  6. Hi lads oilfxpro I did have a look at some of your trades posted they all seemed to be options I think I am misunderstanding this topic, oilfxpro, I thought I read you were a fundamental trader but you show charts with technical trading buying off supports. I didn't know IG done options this I find interesting and I will have to investigate more as I hate being clipped out by 2 pips before the trade going on and hitting my target. Again I know very little about them, personally I think books are a good place to start. but I am selective in which information I choose to use. where are the live trades posted on this forum? I can't seem to find any oilfxpro what trading style do you recommend then? buying off support and resistance in an uptrend, using options?? what is the fundamental aspect of this style?? casey I personally think mentors are the way to go, as it is in any other walks of life. If we want to learn anything we go to school or copy off someone else, figuring it out by ourselves can be a very long and costly road. but having said that I think trading is a very personal journey and experience and as individuals we all have different objectives and goals we want to achieve from trading. I think the trick is to pick and choose whats suits us and our mentality. are you guy's full time day traders ?? cheers lads.
  7. oilfxpro what is the fundamental aspect of your trading ?? buying off supports to me is technical trading. again I know nothing about fundamentals and I am Interested that's all just to note I have spent thousands of euro on education courses over the last 4 years, all sorts of everything and a lot of free courses as well, ( about 15 courses I think) all indicator based and I'm sure they all work, they just didn't suit me. Van tharp's super trader program is not fair to compare against basic level courses /strategy's , (I say this because a lot of people sell strategy's) and a strategy without the matching psychology and beliefs is never really going to work. Van tharp's program is for experienced traders and is based on psychology and designing your own system to suit your objectives and your beliefs, he states that the course is basically in his book "trading beyond the matrix" to be honest I have read it twice and I would still need help to implement the exercises in it. The super trader program last about 2 years and you only pass the course if you have a 95% success rate. ( success rate is defined as not breaking a system rule not on wins vs losses) I have personally taken a price action course for a special offer of $100 and it opened the door for me to proper trading. I have went on to purchase the rest of this providers courses all in total of less than $1000 and its transformed me as a trader. although it did take about a year to complete and understand the information provided. however I am now happy with my strategy and I am working on my psychology at present because its my execution that does me damage not the education or strategy. the knowledge is gold dust, and if you become a member which I am not, as its expensive you can day trade live with the group and get daily support to help you. but I do believe most people will fail because of their psychology. but I have to say price action works and I love it. ps; I can't even see the price action on the charts posted to make a comment, the price is covered in indicators, my understanding of price action is "no indicators "
  8. I don't know where to ask so I'll ask here, where are the live trades posted? or are there any? I only see one GBP/JPY trade posted Thanks :smileyhappy:
  9. "my 7 losing trades Many traders should question themselves, after a sequence of 7 losing trades . a)Will I carry on trading after 7 losses ? b)Am I mentally prepared for losses? c)Will I have confidence in my price action after 7 losses? d)Will I behave rationally after 7 losses?Will I do revenge trades?Will I get stressed? e)Will i get affected by any other psychological/mindset traps? If they can do this, there is no reason why they can not find a suitable profitable price action system and method. My only reservation is that our brains are not compatible with this price action information processing." what do you recommend then, if not price action trading ?? thanks