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  1. So far I have not heard any one for Stocks more likely to rise in value and make profit in 2018.

    My own view is that Footsie won't go far this year. If not crash but stay 5% to 10% in the range ,what it is at the moment.

    My own recommendation for this year for stocks is

    1. Legal & General  

    2. Sophos

    3  GSK

    Number 1 & 3 is also more for the Dividends And No 3 is more for the future danger of Cyber attacks

    I would like to hear from others their views .


  2. You are quite right that there are only few people who owns Bitcoin. Most of these few people are mainly speculators.

    This Techno Currency is not backed by any Authority and is also not backed by any tangible assets.

    Yes if there is any financial crisis ,investors will go for Gold rather than Bitcoin.

    Again there are many reasons for financial crises . The situation in North Korea, Middle-east,South China sea ,these are are flash points and situation can deteriorate any time in future which will create financial crises. Rather than go for Bitcoin ,people will always go for Gold.



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