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  1. Great, thanks. Perhaps you could consider doing the same sort of thing, but with number of clients long Vs short, rather than net pound value. So in the example you gave, it would be 1:10. I think that would help us all.
  2. I tried buying after the dip, and the platform wouldn't let me. So I presume that means that although it dropped nearly 50%, IG traders were not closing their long positions (otherwise I would have been allowed to long, right?). This could be quite bullish for BTC. So it got me thinking - I think it would help all IG traders if you would give us access to this type of info - what the IG community as a whole is doing. Do you provide that service?
  3. I agree with everything you said, but do you think there is a chance we will enter a long term bear market, like in 2013, when it broke through 1000 and then tumbled down, and took 2 years to recover... This may be possible, because although it has huge potential, it will take a few years until it enters the mainstream, and until it does, it's pure speculation.
  4. Hi, I'm wondering what the overall consensus is amongst IG users on BTC/USD. Bullish or bearish? I'll start - Bullish - 25k by end of Jan. But if it breaks 12k (50 day MA), bearish.
  5. "[With IG] ...you don’t need a wallet or additional offline storage device, and account verification and KYC checks are automatic. You are not buying or selling the underlying Cryptocurrency, but instead speculating on the price movement." Problem is, you can't long... better off buying btc and storing in a hardware wallet.