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  1. Hi Casey, Thank you. Yes I did and found nothing. I can do the histogram and this is better than a single, often jagged line. I did not think it would be difficult to do the colour change at the zero (or other selected) line. I am attaching the seeming successful graph that GraHa on PRC put up but has not got back to me about. (I refer to it in my reply to jlz above). If you or any other can work out how he did it, in case he does not get back to me, then I would be grateful.
  2. Thanks for yr interest jlz. There are no Momentum codes in the list but there is a Wms %R code. The latter seems to have been written in 'Spanglish'! (and possibly a while ago) and so I am unable to follow exactly what was intended and therefore reliability if downloaded. It is the Momentum customisation that is key - the Wms %R would be nice so that one could customise others once seeing how it is done. GraHA over on the PRC forum seems to have achieved it in answer to my identical question there but I first delayed in reply, due to not being notified of his input, and then mis
  3. I am trying to customise Momentum and Williams %R indicators so that the relevant indicator lines are more visible when they cross the key levels. This is how these two indicators are presented on the main IG main platform, where: – – The Momentum line turns green when it goes above the zero line and red when it goes below. – The W’ms %R changes colour at the -20 and -80 levels. (Both are per the IG main platform in Dark mode, but I want the added features of PRT). I am aware that customising indicators is possible in PRT but I am not code competent (or confident!) to t
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