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  1. As you may be aware, there has been a recent proposal from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which would, among other things, reduce the leverage permitted for CFDs and spread betting.  If the proposal goes through, you’ll need to put more money on your account to trade with us, in some cases up to ten times more margin.


    Click here to share your views on the FCA's proposal now.


    The FCA is seeking to raise conduct standards across the industry, to ensure fair outcomes for all UK clients – something which IG fully supports. However, we think there may be tools that could better help the FCA do so, such as limited-risk trading to prevent clients from losing more than their initial deposit. German and French regulators have suggested this measure too, and we believe it might be more effective than raising margins for all.

    As well as increasing margins (ie reducing leverage), the FCA has proposed:


    • Firms must disclose their average client profit/loss, and use standardised risk warnings: This seems sensible to us. We believe in transparency and we think it is really important that people understand CFDs and spread betting before they open an account.
    • No bonus promotions allowed: This appears to be a good measure. We don’t think bonus promotions should be an important tool for winning clients.
    • A full review of rules relating to binaries: The FCA believes that the inherent features of binary bets make them inappropriate for many retail investors. We believe binary bets and binary options are a useful tool for retail traders, if they are marketed and sold responsibly.


    You can read the FCA’s full proposal and suggested leverage limits here.


    This gives you an idea of what IG think, but what’s really important is what you think. It’s essential that the FCA receives opinions from everyone involved in the industry – especially traders.


    The FCA has put together a simple form to enable you to share your views easily. Click here to share your views now.


    If you prefer, you can also contact the FCA by email at cp16-40@fca.org.uk, or by letter to:


    CP16-40 - Wholesale Conduct Policy Team

    Strategy and Competition Division

    Financial Conduct Authority

    25 The North Colonnade

    Canary Wharf

    London E14 5HS


    We’d also appreciate any comments or thoughts you may have below.




  2. Hi all


    Apologies for the ProRealTime issues overnight. I can confirm it's resolved now, and we're now making sure steps are taken to prevent this in future. For those of you running ProOrder automated strategies, these were not affected.


    I'm also going to make sure we note these major issues here in the Community, because we know this is an important place for information on our service status. Sorry this hasn't happened in this instance, but I'll ensure we'll keep you updated here going forward.


    Thanks all



  3. Hey ,


    The development team at ProRealTime are keen on both of the suggestions you have provided (the one in this post and also the suggestion provided here).


    They can see the value in being able to launch a system on a watchlist and have also recently had a similar suggestion for the Screener tool too. As they are already in the test phase of 10.3, they'll not be able to include it in this version, but will look to incorporate this into Version 10.4.


    The ability to read and set parameters on Backtester in code is likely to bit a lot more difficult to implement, however the team will look to see if this can also be incorporated in 10.4.






  4. Thanks for the guesses so far!


    Some analysis from  on the upcoming figures below. You can read the full article here.


    "Friday’s jobs report will be the subject of much speculation within the trading community, with the figures pored over for any sign that the US is more or less able to withstand a rate rise in 2016. At a time when political uncertainty is rife, there are mixed messages going into this release, with the potential for firms to ease off hiring with such a cloud looming over the economic future of the US. By and large, as US unemployment falls, so the expectations gradually fall for the payrolls number as the improvements become more marginal. With that in mind, the ability to post circa 180,000 jobs for the forthcoming months would by and large be perceived as sufficient for a December rate rise. However, the big question is whether we will indeed see such a jobs market as we move into the forthcoming months."

  5. Hi ,


    Earlier this week Apple made a specific update to Safari, which caused any out of date Flash players to cease to run with Safari. The following link provides a good explanation for the changes and steps you can take to address this issue:




    However, we would also be happy to arrange for one of our technical team to give you a call if you would prefer.




  6. Hi ,


    We do have a minimum charge for trading Share CFDs and all the details can be found at the following link: https://www.ig.com/za/shares-trading-costs


    We've been discussing the possibility of adding paper trading into the IG ProRealTime offering, however there could be a number of obstacles to this. Furthermore, due to the way in which this has been created, IT-Finance have said it is unlikely to simulate live IG trading exactly, I'm afraid.


    Once IT-Finance have been able to look into this further, I'll give you an update.




  7. Hii 


    I can agree with the point you are making and so I will be sure to share this with the guys at ProRealTime. There could be a small icon that if selected for instance could show the performance of the strategy when previously used with a date field. This could help for if you are trying to determine what market conditions make the strategy most profitable for instance if the time period was during an uptrend, etc.


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and do keep them coming!



  8. HI ,


    ProRealTime team have been looking into the crashing issue that a number of clients have reported and they believe it to be a problem with Java, rather than something with the charting package itself.

    They've asked if you could provide the Java logs from your PC, which can be found in the following folder:




    You may need to switch on logging first however. This can done by searching for Configure Java and then open the app result that is returned. Please then switch to the Advanced tab and tick 'Enable logging'.


    When the charts next crash, please can you then send in your logs to helpdesk.uk@ig.com.




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