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  1. Hi , We were experiencing an issue with charts in Demo earlier today, but this has now been fixed. Do let me know if you encounter any further problems. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Thanks, Dan
  2. Hi , We're going to discuss with IT-Finance whether it will be feasible to add paper trading to the IG ProRealTime offering. At present there are no other alternatives to forward test strategies on CFD equities once these have expired on demo accounts I'm afraid. Dan
  3. Hi , Welcome to the Community and thanks for your feedback ! Glad to hear you have had a positive experience with the trading platform and do let us know if you have any questions! Dan
  4. Hi , Welcome to the Community and thanks for your feedback ! Glad to hear you have had a positive experience with the trading platform and do let us know if you have any questions! Dan
  5. Hello to all those who have recently joined Community!  & , I see you may have accidentally left blank messages. For help on getting started in the Community feel free to take a look at some of our 'getting started' guides. Thanks, Dan
  6. Hi , Welcome to the IG Community. I'm sorry to hear that you have been experiencing issues with the IG platform on your tablet. Are you using an Android tablet or iPad? You'll need to ensure you have the IG Trading app installed on your device, which you can search for on the Google Play store or App store. Hope that helps! Dan
  7. Hey , Thanks for testing the notifications on your subscriptions and providing further information on your settings. I've added this all to the investigation that is currently being carried out into this issue. I've just removed a few of your test posts however, but retained records of these for the escalation. Would you also be able to check your email spam folder when you get a chance, to see if there are any Community emails in there? Thanks, Dan
  8. Hi all, As some of you may have noticed, the Community is now available to access via the latest versions of our mobile apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. This can be found within our revamped Support section and will allow you to seamlessly access the Community on the go! Please see examples of how it looks below:  Do let me know if you have any questions! Dan
  9. Hi  & , Our product team have looked into the feasibility of adding new functionality to the Market Screener, but unfortunately it's unlikely to happen any time soon. It would require development work from both our side and our data vendor, and this isn't on the current road map I'm afraid. Thanks as always for you feedback and it will be kept in mind for future consideration. Thanks, Dan
  10. Thanks for the update . Is the only thread you are not receiving subscription notifications for or are others not working for you either?
  11. Hi all, This should now have been resolved. Can you please log out and back in, and let us know if the problem persists. Thanks, Dan
  12. Hi all, It's Labor Day in the US on the 5th September, please see the changed below to our trading schedule: Thanks, Dan
  13. Hey , Thanks for the additional information. I've escalated this for investigation, and will come back to you when I have some feedback. Thanks, Dan
  14. Hi , Please take a look at the thread here. We're investigating this now. Dan
  15. Hi  & , Thanks for raising this with us. We are currently testing a fix for this issue. Unfortunately we haven't been able to roll this out yet, however if all goes to plan, we're hoping to roll this out later today. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience. Dan
  16. Hey , Apologies for the delayed reply. We've been trying to replicate the issue again on a number of machine we have here, without success. Can you let me know if this issue also affects other browsers - do you have Chrome or Firefox installed that you can test on? You can also take a screenshot of your chart using Command + Shift + 4. Thanks, Dan
  17. Hey , Can you check your notification settings in My Settings > Subscriptions & Notifications >Notification Settings. What do you have set for New topics or articles posted in boards I subscribe to? I'm afraid we're not able to back-fill charts, data is now only available from when we add markets to the platform. However, hopefully this should help for any short term or future technical analysis. Thanks, Dan
  18. Hey , Thanks for the feedback on the ProOrder system. I've highlighted your post to the development team at ProRealTime to see if they have any suggestions or updates. I'll let you know when I've heard from them! Cheers, Dan
  19. Hi , The agreements we have in place at present only allow us to display equity data on demo CFD accounts for a maximum two weeks. We do provide a large range of instruments to test in our demo environment, it's just equities where we are limited at present. I do understand you points regarding the backesting functionality, and ProRealTime are currently working to improve this feature. Nonetheless, I'll check with our team in regards to your queries on paper trading. Thanks, Dan
  20. Hi , Thanks for the feedback on the Market Events, glad to hear you find this feature useful! As the IG Charts and ProRealTime charts are developed on different systems, it's not that easy just to add one feature to another, however I can definitely see how this would enhance the ProRealTime charts. I'll raise this with the team at ProRealTime anyway, so it will at least be up for consideration. Cheers, Dan
  21. Hi , Apologies for the delay on this one. Currently we are only able to display equity data on CFD demo accounts for two weeks, and after this time we have to disable access. I'm afraid the charge you pay to enable the feeds only extends to your Live accounts, not your demo account at present. In regards to the paper trading module on ProRealTime, this is not something that is available through the version offered via IG, nor are there any current plans to offer this this in the near future. To test your strategies on equities, you can always make use of the ProBacktest module available through the ProRealTime charts. I do understand the points you have raised however, and will pass these onto our exchange team for future consideration. Thanks, Dan
  22. HI , You can add alerts via the Charts if you have some of our indicators added to your chart, please see below.  One of the options when adding an indicator alert is 'Market price', which is equivalent to a price alert. Hope that helps! Dan
  23. Hi , It's currently possible to hide open positions and orders from the ProRealTime charts. In Options > Trading options > Statistics and Order display, please select the following option:  When you then hide the trading interface on the chart, your positions and orders will be removed from displaying on the charts. Hope that helps! Dan
  24. Hi , I can see that the TGZ.TSE has been added to both our Spreadbetting and CFD platforms. If you search for TGZ in the finder, what results do you get? Thanks, Dan
  25. Hi , Just to let you know, TGZ.TSE - Teranga Gold has now been added to our Spreadbetting platform. Hope that helps! Dan
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