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  1. Hey , Some good news from ProRealTime. In the next version of the charts, 10.3, they're adding improvements to the way you can construct your candles - so you hopefully should be able to achieve the display you require. No date for Version 10.3, but we'll keep you posted as soon as we hear anything. Also, you're correct, we use the same feeds across the platforms. Thanks, Dan
  2. Hi , I'll check with our desk to see if we can get this added to the platform. I'll let you know if we can. Thanks, Dan
  3. Hey , Thanks for the feedback, I'll see if there is anything that can be done in regards to separating this from your actual post. Cheers, Dan
  4. Hi @ST, Firstly, thanks for bringing these to our attention. Whilst we do try to maintain clear charts for analysis purposes, sometimes some spikes do slip though. If the spike is on the IG charts, please use the feedback button, as that comes straight through to the technical support desk. For any on ProRealTIme, please can you drop our helpdesk an email (helpdesk.uk@ig.com), and this will get escalated to our technical team. I'll raise a ticket for the PGLC chart now. Also, to confirm, you can view the Kirkland Lake Gold chart on IG, just not on PRT? Thanks, Dan
  5. Hi , Thanks for providing a follow up to this. I'm going to escalate this to ProRealTime to see if they are able to offer any further advise on setting up the charts to close/open at 5pm EST. I'll let you know when I receive any feedback. Thanks, Dan
  6. Hi , I'm afraid it's only possible to have one session of your ProRealTime charts open at any one time. What you may want to do is set up separate templates for the markets you trade, and switch between these on your PCs. A full guide on using ProRealTime can be found here. Hope that helps, Dan
  7. Hey , We are indeed looking to move away from flash based charts for our web based platform. I've no confirmed dates yet, so please watch this space for more developments! Dan
  8. Hi  We haven't been able to replicate this issue on a Mac here. Can you check which version of Safari you are using via Safari > About? Alternatively, you can just take a screenshot of your chart. Details on taking a screenshot on a Mac can be found here. Thanks, Dan
  9. Hi  Many thanks for taking the time to leave feedback on ProRealTime. I've passed this to their development team for future consideration, and will let you know if there are any updates. Dan
  10. Hi , Many thanks for taking the time to leave feedback on ProRealTime. I've passed this to their development team for future consideration, and will let you know if there are any updates. Dan
  11. Hey , I'm afraid our system doesn't currently support this instrument, as the future trades with varying lot sizes. I'll pass your comments onto our dealing team for consideration however, to see if there is any potential to make this market available in the future. Thanks, Dan
  12. Hey , Apologies for the delay. Once we reactivate the permissions on your spreadbetting demo account, this will be permanent and you shouldn't need to ask us to do this again. Cheers, Dan
  13. Hi all, You can now add a signature to your posts, to let other members know what you trade, what markets you are interested in and what you strategies you use. To do this, please click on ‘My Settings’ at the top of the Community, select Personal – Personal Information and pop your text into the Signature box. You’ll then need to Save your settings at the bottom of this page.  Cheers, Dan
  14. That's the one! I remember watching it rally and wondering if we'd see the trend reassert itself, which lo and behold it did.
  15. Hi , Access to stocks and shares on our demo accounts is deactivated after two weeks, due to the agreements we have with the respective exchanges. We can get access reactivated on spreadbetting demo accounts. Just drop our helpdesk an email or call, and we can get these reinstated: https://www.ig.com/uk/contact-us. Thanks, Dan
  16. Hi , We do offer Limited Power of Attorney, which enables you to nominate an Attorney who can operate your account on your behalf. They'll be able to transfer funds between trading accounts you hold with us, but not transfer funds in/out of IG. More information can be found at the following link: https://www.ig.com/uk/power-of-attorney Let us know if you have any further questions! Dan
  17. Hi all, This issue should now be resolved. We'll take on board all the points you have raised and are really sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. Do let us know if you continue to encounter and further problems. Dan
  18. Hi both, I do understand your concerns, and apologies for the delay in providing information on issue. We'll be conducting a full review to improve our practices moving forwards. As soon as I have any updates I will post here again. Dan
  19. Hi all, Please accept our apologies for the emails you may have received today regarding margin rates. A software update over the weekend has caused incorrect margins on a number of instruments. We should have this resolved shortly. No positions will be affected by this. Thanks, Dan
  20. Hi , The behaviour you have noticed is actually a limitation, rather than a bug. In order to calculate the ProRealTrend lines the system needs access to the full range of data, and if you have customised trading hours, adding the ProRealTrend lines will revert the chart data back to the default settings. It's something we have raised with ProRealTime, but there aren't any plans to upgrade this feature at present. Thanks, Dan
  21. Hi , Whilst we can't give you any advice, it may be worth taking a look at our Binary guide: https://www.ig.com/uk/binaries Hope that helps! Dan
  22. Hi , As you mentioned, it's not currently possible to amend the trading hours shown on the IG charts on the web platform or apps, although we do currently have a project in the pipeline for this functionality. You'll only be able to do this our advanced charting package, ProRealTIme, for the time being. We do appreciate your feedback, as this helps to drive future development and do let us know if you have any other suggestions for any of our products, as we'll ensure this gets passed on for future consideration. Thanks, Dan
  23. Hi , ,  and , Welcome to the IG Community, it's good to have you on board! , feel free to post your questions in the most relevant board under the Using IG Platforms and Charts category, and one of the moderators or another community member will be on hand to help! Thanks, Dan
  24. Hi  I've just spoken to Liam regarding a number of the stocks you mentioned in your first post: - Kirkland lake Gold - this was delisted from the LSE on the 31/07/2015, and we're currently unable to offer the Canadian Line - Pretium Resources - this is available to trade, you'll just need to activate the NYSE exchange in your data feeds. Do let us know if you have any further queries. Thanks, Dan
  25. Hi , Below are the settings you'll need to select to show the daily candles closing/opening at 5pm EST.  This shifts the 10pm BST close price (5pm EST) to Midnight, and now acts as the reset time. Do you want to give these settings a go and let me know how you get on? Thanks Dan
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