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  1. Hi , I've spoken to the team at IT-Finance, who provide the ProRealTime charts, and it's possible to shift the close/open for FX pairs. You'll just need to select 'Use intraday data to build daily candles' option, and then selecting the appropriate GMT shift within the timezone and trading hours preferences. I hope this helps, but do let me know if you don't have any success with the settings! Dan
  2. Hi  There is only a small amount of development work left to be completed for volume on PRT spreadbetting charts, so we should hopefully have some positive news soon. We haven't got an exact data yet, as we'll first need to run some tests and then choose an appropriate release data, but rest assured a lot of progress has been made! Thanks, Dan
  3. Hi , The market hours you select on ProRealTime should save, so sorry to hear this isn't the case. What process are you currently using to save the charts before you exit? , thanks for the feedback on the subscription emails. We'll check to see if it is possible to get this added! Thanks, Dan
  4. Hi , You can select the currency of the demo account when you are creating it, but I'm afraid this can't be updated once opened. I'd recommend setting up a new account, and you'll just need to amend the Account Type as in the screenshot below. The Forex options relate to CFD demo accounts, and betting equates to a spread betting account. You can then choose the appropriate currency.  Hope that helps! Dan
  5. Hi , It's great to hear such positive feedback for the new launcher, I'll be sure to pass that onto the ProRealTime team! Do let us know if you continue to find differences between the dealing platform and charts in regards to editing your stops. We'll gladly take a look into this for you. Thanks, Dan
  6. Welcome  & , it's good to have you on-board! , you may want to take a look out our daily Morning Call posts, which highlight the latest news in the markets, and could point to some potential trading opportunities. Our analyst, Angus, has also just posted up an interesting summary of the winners and losers post Brexit. May be some food for thought in there? Thanks, Dan
  7. Hi and , The list below details the different times at which the Percentage Change and the High and Low columns are reset for our most popular markets. All times are correct to London local time. MARKET Futures Reset Time Daily Reset Time FTSE 100 16:30 16:36 EU Stocks 50 21:00 16:36 Germany 30, France 40, Switzerland Blue Chip, Austria 20 , Netherlands 25 16:30 16:30 Germany Tech 30 21:00 16:30 Italy 40 16:40 16:40 Sweden 30 16:20 16:20 Spain 35 16:35 16:35 South Africa 40 15:45 15:00 Wall Street, US SPX500,Us Tech 100, US Russell 2000, Canada 60 21:15 21:00 Japan 225 06:30 06:00 Hong Kong HS 42, China H-Shares 08:15 08:00 India 50 10:15 10:00 Singapore Blue Chip 09:15 09:00 Taiwan Index Futures 05:45 05:30 Australia 200 05:30 05:00 All Shares except Australian 00:01 00:01 Australian Shares 10:01 10:01 All Currencies, Spot Gold and Silver 20:00 20:00 Please note: All times stated above are indicative and can be subject to change. Hope that helps! Dan
  8. Hi  ,  and  Some promising developments. The technical work has been completed for this feature and is currently being tested. Barring any unforeseen issues with the development work, we’re hoping to go live at the end of the month. I’ll let you know if there are any further updates. Cheers, Dan
  9. NFPs came in a lot lower than anticpated at 38,000. Congrats to , with the closest estimate and takes the NFP crown! Dan
  10. Hi , Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with the charts. The charts use Flash player to run, and it may be that this is being blocked from running. Have you tried loading the platform with Google Chrome, as this has Flash built in? Alternative you can try and clear your Flash player cache using the following steps: Close your web browser. Click on the Apple logo in the upper, right-hand corner of your screen and choose "System Preferences" Click on the "Flash Player" icon near the bottom of the System Preferences window. Under the "Storage" tab, click on the "Delete All" button. On the next window, make sure the "Delete All Site Data and Settings" option is selected and unselect the "Delete All Audio and Video License Files" option. Click the "Delete Data" button. Close the System Preferences window. Open your web browser. Do let us know how you get on! Dan
  11. Hey , Glad to hear you were able to solve the problem. Would you be happy to post the answer below, just in case any other members are experiencing similar issues or looking for help with ProOrder? Thanks, Dan
  12. Hi all, Following feedback we have received on the Community about following content you are particularly interested in, from Monday we’ll be trialling a new feature called ‘Subscriptions’. You’ll be able to follow threads and topics that are off particular interest to you, and receive updates on any new content posted within these. To subscribe to a topic or thread, please just select the subscribe option in the drop down menu for that topic:  Once you have subscribed to a topic or thread, you’ll see a new section at the top of the Community showing your selections:  To unsubscribe, please just go back to the topic or thread, and select unsubscribe from the drop down: You can also change you notification settings for these via My Settings > Subscriptions & Notifications > Notifications settings. I'll update the announcement section on the homepage once this has gone Live on Monday. I hope you’ll find this feature useful, and please let me know any feedback you have below. Many thanks, Dan
  13. Hi , You may find it useful to also post this query on the ProRealCode forum, which is dedicated to sharing knowledge on ProRealTime: http://www.prorealcode.com/ Cheers, Dan
  14. Hi , ProRealTime have confirmed that the only way to have the charts open automatically every time on a Mac device, running OSX or above, is to select the 'Anywhere' option. If you are concerned about security, you can choose to only allow applications downloaded from 'Mac App Store' or 'Mac App Store and identified developers', but you will then need to go to the Security and Privacy tab and open the charts manually each time:  Thanks, Dan
  15. Hey Benjamin, We can definitely look into these rejections for you. Would you be able to drop us a message at the following link, confirming the account you are using, an approximate time for the rejections and any deal reference or ID you may have. http://labs.ig.com/contact Thanks, Dan
  16. Hey Benjamin, Apologies for the delayed response on this. Our developers have confirmed that instrumentName is the only way to check what a specific epic refers to. Unfortunately we don't keep a record of the changes to the tunnels, nor is there anyway to pull this via the API, but our developers have taken note too see if they can make it easier to consume this data via the API. Hope that helps, Dan
  17. Hi , We'll check with ProRealTime to see whether there is any other potential solutions for this issue. I'll let you know when we've heard back from them. Cheers, Dan
  18. Hi all, Over the past months we have made a number of updates to our mobile charts, and thought we'd share these here: Dealing: Ablility to delete working orders via the charts We retain values on your deal ticket if you switch direction Drawings: Extended Fibonacci levels Rectangle Full colour palette customisation support Data: High/low stats on charts can be toggled via the show menu. Added tick resolution Indicators: Rate of Change added Weighted Moving Average added We've also got an update in the pipeline for a compact deal ticket, to allow more chart data to be visible. Have you used these features? Let us know what you think, or if you have suggestions on how we could improve them further! Thanks, Dan
  19. Hi all, Our charts team would like us to highlight some of the recent updates we have made to the charts we offer on mobile. Over the past few months we have: -Dealing: Dealing through mobile charts – including a subsequent release of a compact deal ticket to allow more chart data to be visible. Working Orders Deletion We retain values on your deal ticket if you switch direction Drawings:Extended Fibonacci levels Rectangle Full colour palette customisation support (work also done on Flex to allow the changes to pass through) Data:High/low stats on charts can be toggled via the show menu. Added tick resolution Indicators:Rate of Change added Weighted Moving Average added
  20. Hi , You're correct in that we do reuse some EPICs over the each trading day. For the most part each EPIC will be stable over the trading day so, for instance, if the FTSE ladder 1 is to be above 6500 when it comes on, it will be that all day. It almost certainly won’t be that day to day and will refer to a different strike price. The only difference is with touches and tunnels. This is because as soon as a binary touch/tunnel is triggered it becomes untradeable which gives us the option to reuse the EPIC for another touch. For instance if FTSE touch 1 is to touch 6500 and at midday this happens, the touch would go offline and we would reuse to the EPIC to put on a 6550 touch. So from a historical data point of view it’s not very useful information because for half of the day the EPIC will be referring to the 6500 strike and for the other half the 6550 strike. So in relation to your questions, our Binary desk have provided the following: All EPICs will change on a day to day basis and in some cases when a strike has been hit for touches and tunnels they may change intraday. It's not possible to pull data for a specific tunnel size, as the EPIC for a specific tunnel may be different one day to the next. Historical prices will be for each EPIC not each tunnel size and you're correct in thinking there will be days when certain tunnel sizes are not priced, since we only have a limited number of EPICs so use them for relevant tunnel sizes. We switch different tunnel sizes. If the Nikkei were to be about to open up down 500 points there is no point offering any tunnel before say +/-520 points so that is where we will start. Conversely if the Nikkei were to be in a low vol period and about to open up unchanged we would not feel it worthwhile offering the +-520 tunnel. The FTSE and DOW tunnels will almost certainly have changed at some point in the time frame you mention, but they change less often as the Nikkei often has bigger moves. I hope that helps! Dan
  21. Hi , Thanks for letting us know. We'll take a look into the settings for this, although it may just have come through slightly delayed! Cheers, Dan
  22. Hi , Apologies for the inconvenience. That definitely shouldn't be happening - we'll take a look into this. Thanks for letting us know! Dan
  23. Hi , I take your point on board, however for security purposes we don't send long email chains, nor previous responses, in reply emails. I can understand your frustration trying to reconcile issues you have raised, and have passed on your comments to our Trading Services team for future consideration. Many thanks for taking the time to provide the feedback, and do let me know if there are any outstanding issues you have raised that I could help with. Dan
  24. Hey , , Apologies for the delayed response. I've been looking into this, and it does appear that we are experiencing issues with the My Queries box, due to a change in internal systems. We'll be looking to get this fixed as soon as possible. Generally, tickets that you send via the PRT charts do come directly to IG Support, however we do forward these onto IT-Finance where necessary, but replies should mainly come from the Technical team here at IG. I completely understand your point regarding tracking your queries, however we're not able to send full emails chains. Do you think reference numbers in the subject line would help to track your queries? Dan