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  1. Hi , , Apologies, sometimes out automatic filter is slightly over zealous! I've removed nuts from the filter, but do let me know if you come across anymore that seem a bit out of place. Thanks, Dan
  2. Hi , Have you tried amending your Mac security settings? To do this, click on the Apple icon in the top left hand corner of your screen and select 'System preferences'. In your preferences please click on Security & Privacy, and ensure you have 'Allow apps downloaded from' set to anywhere (see below).  Do let us know how you get on! Thanks, Dan
  3. Hi all, , we have started to run afternoon seminars, starting about 2.45. I think the next one may be an introduction to spread betting, however we haven't finalised the details just yet, which is why it isn't currently being advertised. The team will bear the Advanced Tech analysis in mind for future afternoon seminars though! , that's seems like a good idea, and I'll pass your feedback on. We do already run a number of online webinars - you can find them all here. Thanks, Dan
  4. Hey , Thanks for your feedback the Russell 2000. Our desk have revisited the minimum deal size for this, and have been able to reduce it to £20pp. Hope that helps! Dan
  5. Hi all, On Tuesday the 26th April, our Analsyst  will be running a seminar on Advanced technical analysis in our London office. During this evening session Josh will cover how to: Recognise which markets to trade and why Use a range of indicators Read charts in a way that moves past the jargon Realise the importance of being both open-minded and critical of strategies Be able to differentiate between different types of market trends and utilise different strategies accordingly Learn to prioritise different forms of analysis to find higher probability setups Use different timeframes
  6. Hi , Welcome to the IG Community! We're looking into the possibility of adding the Community to the IG trading apps, so watch this space. You can already load a mobile version of the Community on your phone or tablets browser though, and then just login using your usual IG credentials. Thanks, Dan
  7. Hey , Welcome to the IG Community! That's a good suggestion, but I'm afraid it's not on our development roadmap at present. I'll pass your comments on to our development team for future consideration nonetheless. We do now offer API access, which you can use to pull historical chart data into excel. It's been discussed a little in the following thread: https://community.ig.com/t5/Web-based-platform/Is-there-anywhere-I-can-get-detailed-intraday-price-movements-in/m-p/1628 Let us know if you have any other questions or suggestions, and good to have you on board! Dan
  8. Hi , You may want to take a look at this thread on how to post: https://community.ig.com/t5/Getting-started/How-to-post/m-p/73#U73 Do let me know if you have any questions! Dan
  9. Hi all, Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself, it’s great to see so many new faces here! If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see in the Community, or what could make it better please do let us know! We’ve had a few suggestions already, and we’ll try and take as much on board as possible, to make this the best space for all involved! Dan
  10. We've seen a lot of new members join recently so why not introduce yourself below! I'm Dan and I'm the Community manager. It's my job to ensure things run smoothly, and we also have a team of moderators on hand to help. Let me know with a post below what markets you're interested in, what you trade and how you trade it. Welcome to IG Community! This thread is now locked due to its length of time in use. For introductions please visit the new intro thread.
  11. Hey , This should be back up and running from Wednesday morning. Apologies for any inconvenience! Cheers, Dan
  12. Hey , We're only allowing access to IG clients at the moment, but it is definitely something we are looking at down the line. Thanks for the continued participation - hopefully the Community will start to grow! Dan
  13. Hey , I think that's a great idea, and will pass this feedback over to the development team at ProRealTime. Also, not sure why the Photo button isn't working, we'll get this looked into now. Have a nice weekend! Dan
  14. Hey , Glad to hear it's working. The original link (community.ig.com) will remain accessible in case you want to access the Community without logging into the trading platform. Cheers, Dan
  15. Hi all, We've now pushed through a second update, which means you can access the community directly through the platform. You'll find the Community option under 'Research' and also 'Help and Support'. Below is how it should look. Hopefully this will make it a lot easier for members to get through to the Community and will be a positive step! Please let me know if you have any questions, issues or feedback. Thanks, Dan
  16. Thanks for the trade idea , I'm sure a lot of people will be happy that January is moving further from memory! Also, thanks to all that have posted in this thread, it's been good to see the traction on here and I hope to see people continuing to get involved. Congratulations to , who is our inaugral winner. One of his posts was the only one to get a like (although this wasn't a trade submisison - I'll put this down to tactics for now!! :smileyhappy:) and also for the breath of his suggestions. Good luck to all for February! Dan
  17. Hey , IT-Finance really appreciate your feedback and thank you for some good suggestions. They've added these to the list of recommendations for the next version of ProRealTime and have said they will continue to monitor the Community for your feedback. Cheers, Dan
  18. Afternoon , I'm not sure why you don't have the option to top up your account - I'll get one of our tech team to investigate this. In the meantime, did you want me to get both of your acocunts reset back to the default funds? Dan
  19. Hey , Many thanks for this in-depth, detailed and thoughtful feedback/suggestions. I've asked the development team at IT-Finance to take a look at your post and to provide any feedback they may have. I'll let you know their thoughts! Dan
  20. Hey , Thanks for the thumbs up! That's an interesting idea, but as you mention difficult to prove and I wonder whether members are as likley to post these, as they would actual trades. You could even start a new thread 'The hindsight trade’, ‘Nearly went short when should've bought or 'Didn't go long and wrong’! Glad to hear that you could've started one of the first posts in those threads! Dan
  21. Hey , Glad it worked well for you, we're just doing some testing on the next phase as well. Definitely no excuses! Cheers, Dan
  22. Hi all, We’ve now made an update to the Community, so you’ll only need to use your web platform details to login. This forms part of an upgrade, which will enable access to the Community directly from the platform. Dan
  23. Hey , It isn't possible for a client to do a full reset on their demo account, however you can top up the funds as required through My Account - Deposit funds in the demo environent. If you do want a specific account reset, please just contact our helpdesk and we can arrange for this to be carried out. Thanks, Dan
  24. Hey , I do think it's a great idea and could potentially add value, although the technicalities of implementing something like this across our various offerings may be a bit difficult. I'll raise it with our development team, but as I understand the current roadmap is pretty full. Cheers, Dan
  25. That's no problem at all . Even as you say, if it just comes in the form of feedback, this will still get taken seriously and looked into by our Trading Services team accordingly. Thanks, Dan
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