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  1. Hey Stef, At present we don't provide any client contact details to ProRealTime, which is why these features aren't available. We'll pass your feedback onto the ProRealTime team though. Thanks, Dan
  2. Sounds like an interesting idea . I know we provide the sentiment figures, but to have actual client trades showing is an intriguing concept. Is this just for the markets you're currently trading or have in a 'Watchlist'. I'm assuming it doesn't let you know any details about who is actually trading? Dan
  3. Hey Zero, I'm sorry to hear that you feel our service hasn't met the high standard we set for ourselves. Don't feel you're taking liberties with the Community, it's a place for honest and open debate and I know  has just moved the post to ensure the Trade of the Month thread remains on topic. If you do feel your issue hasn't been dealt with correctly or fairly, do let our helpdesk know in writing and they can take another look. Cheers, Dan
  4. Thanks for the trade suggestions ,  & . It may be that the rules need tweaking over time to make this a fairer competition, but it's good to see some ideas being posted. I can see that no-one has Liked anyone else's posts, tactical maybe :smileywink: Good luck all!
  5. Hi , Is there an option on your Welcome screen to 'Don't Show Again', as below: I'll also ask our Web team to take a look. Thanks, Dan
  6. Hi all, Happy New Year! We’ve been listening to your feedback and I’m happy to announce that we’re starting a new competition for the ‘Trade of the Month’. This will be an opportunity for members to post trades you may have placed, or those you would suggest, and other members will then be able to discuss and judge these trades. The trade that receives the most ‘Likes’ over the calendar month will then be the winner, and will receive the highly sought after ‘Trade of the Month’ badge: Please do get involved below, share your ideas and thoughts on others’ suggestions, and ‘
  7. Hey , This issue has now been fixed by our web trading team, and you should see the same quote as on the mobile. Hopefully you shouldn't encounter any further issues, but do let us know if you do! Cheers, Dan
  8. Hi , ProRealTime don't currently publish a list of bug fixes and releases. They've said that they may be able to provide us with a list of issues/improvements raised via IG that will be fixed/implemented in a new build of the charts. I'll let you know if ProRealTime are able to compile this. Thanks, Dan
  9. Hi all, I think that as  said, we should base this off the single best trade over the month, but as to how we quantify this, and what rules apply, that could be another discussion in itself! However, I do think we need to get this right first time for it to work, and greatly appreciate your input already. My thought is to run with the trade idea that gets the most likes, as it is often difficult to compare the success of trades across the different types of markets we offer. All thoughts welcome... Dan
  10. Hey , Glad to see that has now been implemented. I wasn't aware of any changes being implemented, however I know IT-Finance are in a constant cycle of updates and development. Let me check with them as to whether they publish a release list of new features and bug fixes. I'll come back to you once I have heard back from them. Thanks, Dan
  11. Hey  & , I think this would be a great way to get members to share trades ideas and actual trades. How would you envision the prize being awarded - single best trade idea or maybe cumulative trade suggestions over the month? Whoever received the most likes on their trade idea/ideas would win? Thanks, Dan
  12. Hey , Our alerts team have actually been looking into RNS alerts, and think they are a great idea. They're on our radar, but we can't commit to any timeline at the moment due to current development schedules. If I get any updates I'll let you know. Cheers, Dan
  13. Evening  It doesn't appear that we have anything for RNS alerts in the pipeline. I'll pass your comments onto our alerts team though, and see if there is any potential to encorporate these in the platform. Thanks, Dan
  14. Hi  Glad to hear the app came in handy when needed, and it's always good to hear positive feedback on our updates! Thanks, Dan
  15. Hi , Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I've escalated this to our web and stockbroking development teams, and am waiting on their feedback. As soon as I hear anything, I'll update this thread. I've also moved this post from the Suggestions board to the Web-based platform board, as I think it's more relevant here. Cheers, Dan
  16. Hi all, We're releasing a new update for the Android app that will include Signal centre, so please let us know any feedback you may have regarding Signal Centre for Android, positive or negative! We'll be staggering the release, so it could be up to 4 days before you are able to update to the new version. Thanks, Dan
  17. Hi Stef, I've spoken to the team in South Africa, and they are aware of having issues of late, in particular with the mic, which is adding to the noise. They are currently in process of addressing this, and hope to have a better quality service available shortly. Thanks, Dan
  18. Hi Stef, ProRealTime have got back to me on the point you raise previously. They've said that the decimal precision that's displayed on the scale depends on the density. If you were to expand/zoom into the graph, the scale will become denser and you should see more decimal places. Alternatively you can enter the chart settings and set the scale density to HIGH: Can you let me know if this helps. Thanks, Dan
  19. Afternoon Stef, Thanks for the feedback on the spread functionality. I've passed this over to the development team at ProRealTime for them to consider. They're really interested in feedback from Community members, and they've asked me to collate all comments we receive. They'll also be taking a look at Community from time to time, so keep you suggestions coming. One thing I will add, is that although a suggestion may appear easy to implement on the surface, it may require a lot more work than it seems. Development time needs to be set aside, and the full consequences of any changes nee
  20. Hey Stef, ProRealTime have confirmed that they are going to implement your feature request in the next version of the charts. I haven't got a timeframe for this, but it's definitely now on their roadmap. Hope that's some welcome news! Dan
  21. Also, Chris' insight on a few other pairs: Despite the positivity to the CAD, AUD/CAD interestingly printed a bullish key day reversal yesterday. As long as yesterday’s low of C$0.9248 can hold, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a move into C$0.9500. Perhaps a better way to express a short-term positive view on the AUD is against the EUR, although my conviction to be short EUR/AUD would be significantly heightened on a close through the August and September double bottom at A$1.5600. I would then even look at adding to short positions on a break of the April uptrend, which currently sits arou
  22. Hey  & , Thanks for the feedback. I think this would be a great idea, which would allow members to share their trading ideas and discuss any views from our analysts. We're looking into the best way to implement this, and happy to take on board any more thoughts you may have. In the meantime I've just posted a trading idea from one of our analysts, Chris Weston: https://community.ig.com/t5/Technical-analysis-and-charts/AUD-NZD-Trade-idea/m-p/530#M46 Feel free to let us know your thoughts on Chris' insight! Dan
  23. Hi all, Please see below for an interesting take on the AUD/NZD, provided by our Market Analyst, Chris Weston. Trade idea: Sell AUD/NZD on a daily close (8am AEST tomorrow) below NZD1.0886, placing a stop loss at NZD1.1010. AUD/NZD price at the time of writing: NZD1.0873 I am watching for a daily close below the 12 May high (NZD1.0886 – circled) and 38.2% retracement of the April to July rally (NZD1.0897) to look at short positions. This would effectively mean I am willing to accept a worse price, but I am waiting for confirmation from the market that the buyers are not prepared t
  24. Hi Stef, Apologies for the delayed response on this one. It's a good point you make, and I have passed this onto the ProRealTime team for them to consider. Thanks for getting in touch. Dan
  25. HI tman, Thanks for coming back to me, and highlighting your reasons. Unfortunately there isn't a way to turn this functionality off at present, but I've raised this for future consideration. Please note that we do not have direct access to view any of your 'Saved' drafts nor is there an easy way for us to retrieve these. The feature was just added for the benefit of members. However, I do take your points on board, and hope that you will still feel comfortable enough to participate within the IG Community. Thanks, Dan
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