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  1. Yes, come along IG you are way behind the times. MT5 is vastly superior to MT4.
  2. Until recently I have had a window on my workspace with two tabs, 'Orders' and 'Positions'. It somehow disappeared. I can see how to get separate windows for Orders and Positions but does anyone know how to get back the one with the two tabs? Thanks
  3. Yes Comby. There is a bit of small print under "Forex Positions" on https://www.ig.com/uk/spread-betting-cfds-charges about "Tom-next", it says that it is only levied on Forex Positions but now they say its on Commodities also. Overnighting from Dec 27 to 28 I paid £33 on a bet on Gold that realised £73 I think from now on I will day trade or not trade.
  4. But I'm not actually trading Gold am I? I'm spread betting it. Spread Betting is done wholly within your company just using an exchange data feed, so Bank or broker charges (except yours) should not apply. So why are YOU charging interest?
  5. Why am I being charged FX interest on Gold? Gold was not Forex last time I looked.
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