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  1. thanks James for explaining but I was asking for the method when using tradingview on my phone.
  2. I'm accessing trading view website from my android phone via chrome. I want to draw some lines or Fibonacci level but i can't find the drawing panel on my phone. I can do it on my iPad or PC, so I'm wondering if there's a way to do it on my phone. Thanks.
  3. Where can i find charts for the different crypto? For example, IG only has a very short history for ripple charts. I need something with a longer history. Where else can i find charts to draw my own lines and indicators? I saw some other users posting their drawn charts here, where do they get the charts from?
  4. Bitcoin and ether seems to move so much in unison now. The hourly charts for both of them look so similar except the price of bitcoin is 10 times that of ether.
  5. Thanks Situation for your analysis. Yup I'm holding some ether position which i bought earlier on. It's a pain to see the unrealised profit eroding away while the market correct but I'm still holding on to them as i believe in the long term uptrend. The sell off earlier on in the Asia morning was scary but luckily the bounce up was quick too. Hopefully it'll be generally up from now on, at least in the short term. I was considering to open short position when it reached the peak of about 1400 a few days ago which i felt was too overbought, hence i asked the question of holding both long
  6. Hi Trendfollower, thanks for your long answer. I've always enjoyed reading your detailed analysis and insights in your posts. I've some long position in ether which i opened at quite a low price which i intend to hold for long term. I observed although ether may be in a uptrend, there's always volatility in the market in which there may be time of price weakness. Hence i was thinking of opening short position in such times to gain some profit in the shorter term. I'm a new trader. Hope to hear your opinion on my thoughts and strategy. Thanks.
  7. Hi James thanks for pointing me to the relevant answers and for always helping us in the forum. It's stated "You can open a long and short position on the same market by making sure the ‘force open’ option is selected on your deal ticket". I can see the force open option on my new trade tab. However there's no such option on my new order tab. So how does it work if i want to put in a new order in the opposing direction? I certainly don't wish for my existing position to be closed if my new order is executed.
  8. Is it possible to hold both long and short position in a particular cryptocurrency? For example, if I've some existing long position in ether, can i open new short position? Will doing this close my long position?
  9. Is there any tools/app/calculator to determine the margin required and profit/loss for my position at different price level?
  10. If trading is halted during those timing mentioned above, then how is it possible there's no break in the chart?
  11. I notice trading is halted for crypto now. From time to time I've seen such halt in IG for crypto. Is there a fix timing or due to some other reason? Thanks.
  12. It's worse got ether. The margin rate is almost 28% per annum. They raised it recently actually. I should look for alternative.
  13. Is there an expiry for ether CFD? Do we need to enable roll over? I'm intending to hold my position for longer term, and afraid if there's any expiry for my position. I don't want my position to be closed unexpectedly.
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