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  1. Anybody got same problem as me ... I cannot add funds to my Demo CFD Account (see Image 1)? If I click Add Virtual Funds I get a greyed out page as Image 2. My CFD Account is enabled and I do have funds and I have used it for trading previously etc. Any comments appreciated.
  2. I have done the same action many times before and most times it works but more often than I'd like ... attempts to move stops gets locked down, and mostly when Price Action is showing decent momentum!
  3. No it was a Buy / Long and I had been watching it go up 26 points and was looking forward to quite a few more points judging by the price action. My Stop Loss was 32 points below my Trade Price but my Limit Stop (of 32) was 6 points away when I tried to move my Limit Stop higher to take advantage of the momentum and then the Limit Stop just kept snapping back to the 6 points level and kept doing that for several minutes no matter how many times I tried. I even quickly checked on Demo to make sure my method was correct and I wasn't going mad!
  4. I didn't say stop loss, I said Limit Stop. Maybe you refer to it as Take Profit? Anyway thanks for taking an interest!, It can be a lonely business ... trading!?
  5. Further to above ... Oh and a few mins after the price rise ... all went back to working correctly again ... I could increase my Limit Stop no problem at all!
  6. Yes I am on the SB Platform. But it is as if there is a block imposed on any stop changes ... not just a minimum distance (which is why I did my 1000 point test on a Limit Stop). Yes I agree the Demo Platform worked fine (I could change stops etc) at the same time as the Real Platform would not let me make a change to my Limit Stop. I have experienced this loads of times, but it p**d me off so much this time that I had to give vent to my annoyance, Sure enough after I was stopped out on a Limit, the Price carried on going up as I predicted in my previous post!
  7. Don't you mean you can 'pretend' to move them? As they just snap back again as soon as you click anywhere just as the OP says. I just tried to move my limit stop 1000 points away (as a Test) and it still wouldn't accept it ... it snapped back to 6 points above current Price. One can't help thinking that the 'IG View' is that there is a high probability that News or maybe even just current Price Action is going to result in a good rise (I was Long the DJI) and so IG are making sure we get stopped out with minimum profit?? Damned annoying anyway ... whatever the reason?? If
  8. Hi OSCARDAX What you describe above re PRT sending an email is to be released very very soon. It may even be in your Live Platform right now ... see attached. Cheers GraHal
  9. If I place an order and forget it then I can't see how / what the bars are like before getting to the Order level. Price may just spike up / down (stop hunting), trigger my entry and then go the other way! If I set Alerts for price to rise or fall 6 points in 5 mins then I can see what momentum there is the latest few bars and also how these bars are sitting in the overall market structure since the last time I looked at the chart. Also the smashing it in a few seconds (as you put it) may be me wanting to exit a trade that has gone against me. If I set a stop level exit then I may
  10. Thanks kivondo, but it's still a second or so when I want to be closing my open trade in that second. Also I have at times had several Alerts stacked on top of each other and so clicking each x to close an Alert (when I desperately want to be setting direction on the Deal tab and pressing Place Deal) I find frustrating. Also I don't even need / want to read the Alert PopUp as I have heard the Alert noise and so my eyes go straight to the Chart and I am either wanting to open or close a Deal. But I'll try closing the PopUps as you say if that is my only Option? Can't believ
  11. Hello Is it possible to configure Alerts so that there is no PopUp box at all? Reason I ask is that the Alerts PopUp Box covers the Deal Tab and a vital few seconds is lost waiting for the PopUp to dissappear again before I can press Deal and direction etc! In short the Alerts PopUp is very very annoying popping up in it's current position in the top right hand corner of the screen (as that is where the Deal button is!). Thanks GraHal
  12. Hello If I disable Real Live PRT for the summer (using Disable setting in IG) does anybody know if all my Systems will be retained in the Auto Trading window as non-running or will they disappear? Thanks GraHal
  13. Hello Why am I being told to login to view MyQueries when I am already logged in?? I clicked Help & Support on the 'IG old Platform' and selected Support Portal to get to the screen attached. Am I doing something wrong? is there another way? whats going on?? Thank You GraHal
  14. Hello I can manual trade on DJI / Dow at 0.5 min Lot size. Using a coded Algo on DJI / Dow min Lot size is 1. Where / what is the logic / rationale behind this anomaly please? Thank You GraHal
  15. Answer is Yes, seem like same TFs as on a PC. Tap D for Daily (or whatever) in top left corner and more menu options appear at the bottom of the screen, tap 'resolution' and select even down to Tick TF. GraHal PS this releases me from my PC for days out in the summer!
  16. Hello Is it possible to have the iphone IG Trading App Chart set to less than a Daily Timeframe ... does anybody know please? Thank You GraHal
  17. Also it's very annoying / frustrating when a System / Bot is stopped then when started again the accumulated Profit / Loss starts agan at 0 / zero. Unless we keep a note pf previous Profit / Loss (yet another 'faffing liitle file admin task' to get around weakness in the PRT Platform) then we dont know what the performance of the System has been since we originally started the Bot. An example of when I might stop a Bot would be a 'manual stop' due to obsevation of a condition that the Bot was never designed / coded to cope with (extraordinary news etc). If it's not fesible / practi
  18. It's not a solution until the function requested is added to the platform by ProRealTime. I also require this file management function to be added to the 'Backtrading File List Screen'. Cheers Graham
  19. Hi , thanks for your continued interest If previous emails are not included for security reasons then why not get the 'My Queries' function working correctly then there is a central repository for all emails etc. My Queries is still next to useless ... none of the columns shown below are clickable to see any further detail The 'Case No' means nothing to me as we are never provided with a Case No. I would have to spend ages tying together the date / time group on my email client to piece together the full story. I trust IG are working towards a solution? In the meantime IG i
  20. Hello  You say ... "Do you think reference numbers in the subject line would help to track your queries?" ... The thing is I don't want to have to spend time tying a Ref Number in with previous emails etc ... I want to get on and make money ... and the more deals I do the more spread IG get etc. I want one readily accesible place where all email are logged ... that could be under Queries under my LogIn, but it needs to be available for ever and searchable as I likely will think in the future ... I'm sure Ive had the problem before let's do a search on past emails. Better still
  21. Ha ... just shows how wrong I can be!:smileylol: I would have deleted my rant above, but this is not possible, so now I'll have to make 'myself eat humble pie'! ha There is a summary screen which shows a date / time group and I was aware of it ... oops I forgot about what detail it showed ... see attached / below ... sorted!  Thanks GraHal
  22. Hello If anybody knows a way to achieve below then let me know please. IT-Finance consider below as a suggestion for improvement please. Scenario: I have 20 Auto-Systems running and I hear the alert sound that one of them has ... Entered a Trade Exited a Trade Switched from Long to Short Switched from Short to Long But I don't want to stop what I'm doing and then another System triggers, then another; (I've heard 4 alerts while writing this message!). 10 minutes later I'm out of my manual trade and want to know which Auto-System triggered and in what order etc. I wo
  23. Ha ... I've just found out that we can see submitted queries under My Queries on the Help and Support tab ... but then when I check - not good (this is getting me even more frusrated now) ... see below email I just sent to IG Customer Sevices ... Hi Re below ... I spoke too soon (without looking fully) ... the Query list is next to useless as I can't click and see / read anything at all ... not even the Query still in progress (see screen shot below and attached. I can't even see the Query Subject so then I would know I've already submitted a particular issue ... what is the use / po
  24. Ha ... I wouldn't mind betting that IG don't provide Trailing Stops on the 'PRT Quick Access Interface' because of the increase in minimum stop overnight? Easy solution there for IG is to set the minimum Trailing Stop to be the maximum that Stop goes to overnight? I trade the Dax a lot and minimum Stop in the day is 6 points and it goes to 12 or so overnight ... so, as an example, make minimum Trail Stop allowed as 12 for 24/7 ?? All comments appreciated.
  25.  Yeah great idea! I have the same problem and also even if you mouse-hover over the Order then the name of the order cannot fully be seen as it shows up below the Order and of course there is another order there ... as shown in your pic ... and so the order name doesn't fully show. I suggested they set the default Order name to be 'to the right of the Order' (not underneath). I've only got onto this Community today, but in future I'll be putting all my ideas and gripes on here. Cheers GraHal
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