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  1. Well they did it, I had my long on since day one when it was added to IG Index. XRP, GME, Silver, Gold et al all subject to manipulation. Every person in the modern world is now aware of the double standards. I'm guessing there is nothing we can do, just accept the game is rigged. Massive XRP pump on coming 1 Feb - thanks IG
  2. Please could anyone confirm whether or not existing crypto trades on retail accounts will remain in place until expiry or will they be closed following the recent ban with effect from 6 Jan 2021. Many thanks
  3. I personally want to be long on ripple from the second the market opens. If we wait much longer the price will already have, as the crypto forums tend to predict, 'gone to the moon', well maybe a half way. Either way has anyone got any idea when this market will open; January? February? Next year?
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